Camira Fabrics Customer Profile

Camira Fabrics and Cleo

For almost two centuries, Camira Fabrics has been leading the charge in the production of transport textiles manufacturing. The award-winning UK-based manufacturers sell more than 8 million meters of fabric every year, primarily for commercial interiors and for bus, rail, and motorcoach applications in the transit industry. It's likely you've encountered Camira's handiwork in the form of furniture fabrics or acoustic panels found in any number of educational, healthcare, corporate, or private settings in more than 80 countries around the globe. 

Business Need

Across their entire group of companies, Camira has to maintain multiple, finely-tuned ERP systems. Although well-maintained in their own right, Camira frequently had difficulty getting these separate ERP systems to communicate effectively with each other. As the company embarked on solving this problem, it was understood from the beginning that consolidation or replacement of any of the systems was never an option due to the enormous cost and disruption associated with an ERP migration. 

Camira needed a solution that could integrate with their iSeries legacy system. They also were seeking a solution that would improve visibility across end-to-end processes and assist in delivering an optimum customer experience. 

IT Challenges

While Camira itself runs mainly on an IBM iSeries platform that’s been heavily customized over the past 15 years, integration with recently
acquired sister companies, which each have their own bespoke systems, has proven difficult.

The Solution

Rick Loughrey, the company’s head of BI and IT Development, has been at Camira since 2004. Loughrey oversees the company’s myriad
ERP systems, which have multiplied in recent years thanks to various acquisitions the company has made.

Impossible to find as that may sound, Loughrey’s search for an integration solution led him to Cleo, a global ecosystem integration software company and provider of Cleo Integration Cloud, the only cloud-based B2B integration solution out there that enables API, EDI, and file-based transactions on a single platform.

In his own words, Loughrey explains why Cleo was the perfect fit, "We chose Cleo because they demonstrated how their complete and flexible platform, Cleo Integration Cloud, could easily become our ‘one-stop-shop for integration, complementing our iSeries in ways we’d never thought possible. Things like API calls to third-party solutions, out-of-the-box connectors, even eCommerce projects.”

Job Title
Camira Fabrics