Argo Tea Customer Success Story

Argo Tea Case Study

Business Need

What is the second most popular beverage in the world, after water? Sorry coffee, it’s not you! It’s also not soda, beer, or wine. The answer … is tea. And ever since Argo Tea was founded in Chicago in 2003, the world gained access to a product that satisfies such a large demand.

Argo Tea is a chain of over 50 tea cafes throughout the world, with bottled tea beverages sold in major grocery retailers. Argo Tea is passionate about its commitment to promoting a healthy lifestyle and conserving natural resources.

A few years ago, Argo Tea introduced its bottled signature drink to the consumer packaged goods market. Most of Argo Tea’s customers are large chains and distribution companies, so it needed to move quickly to find an EDI-capable solution that didn’t just reduce its time-to-market, but was also simple and efficient to use.

IT Challenge

In order to connect with those major customers, Argo Tea was on the search for a solution that could support file exchanges with its business partners via EDI. Argo Tea hadn’t required an EDI solution previously, so the company was freshly in the market for one. With an eye on support for HTTP and HTTPS protocols, Argo Tea began its market research.

The Solution

Thankfully for Argo Tea, it wasn’t in the market for long. The company soon connected with Cleo – the market leader in enterprise integration and likewise an Illinois-based global company --  and according to Simon Simonian, Vice President of Systems and Technology at Argo Tea, the process has been a smooth one ever since.

“Cleo Integration Cloud’s EDI capability has acted as the ideal solution,” Simonian said. “It was easy and intuitive to learn, and quick to implement.”

With the help of Cleo Integration Cloud, Simonian said, Argo Tea was able to swiftly introduce an EDI solution that provides full ability to exchange EDI documents with its many partners. Additionally, Cleo features a wide variety of features and options that efficiently satisfied all the many requirements and protocols of its business partners.

Argo Tea must move anywhere from 10-20 documents per day with its trading partners, which includes direct AS2 and VANs. Cleo has been efficient, simple to use, and most importantly of all, according to Simonian, “It just works.”

Argo Tea
Chicago, Illinois
Business Need

Support file exchanges with business partners via EDI