How Zoho CRM Integration Will Improve Your Customer Relationships

Tammy Moyer
Here’s how Zoho CRM integration streamlines the data flows that drive business growth.

A customer relationship management (CRM) system is a valuable technology for businesses in any industry because it stores important customer data, enabling sales, marketing, customer service, and support to better understand how their customers interact with the business. Zoho CRM is a popular choice for such management tools because it “un-silos” data from various sources and brings it together in a navigable, comprehensive view, especially when backed with a Zoho CRM integration connector.

While it’s imperative for business growth to migrate data out of those piles of spreadsheets, text documents, and ERP or point-of-sale (POS) systems into a CRM and track accounts, customer contacts, and deal cycles in a more efficient way, it’s also important to integrate all that data in a CRM like Zoho into the rest of your business workflows.

Part of modernizing your business, then, means using applications like Zoho CRM to nurture those valuable relationships and ecosystem interactions, and that means integrating SaaS applications into your IT infrastructure. But integration is a challenge for most organizations, and it’s too often done using custom code or one-off tools that cannot scale should you require additional integrations.

Here’s how modern organizations use Zoho CRM integration as part of an ecosystem integration strategy to streamline the mission-critical data flows that drive business growth.

What is Zoho CRM?

Zoho CRM is a SaaS application that enables organizations to control customer, procurement and inventory, and manage leads, opportunities, and other sales information to better manage customer and partner relationships important to their business. Its competition includes Salesforce, Infusionsoft, and SugarCRM, and the platform offers several editions to serve the needs of businesses of any size.

How Zoho CRM Works

When a business deploys Zoho’s customer relationship management technology, it has a single, centralized application for tracking important customer information. It’s not uncommon for separate business-specific data to live in siloed systems – customer order history in an ERP, purchase and payment info in a POS, or specifics on shipping and logistics in a WMS or TMS – which makes it difficult to analyze buying patterns and gain customer insights. The Zoho CRM gives businesses the power to integrate all that data and effectively govern their sales processes.

Who Uses Zoho CRM?

Tens of thousands of small and midsized businesses and several large enterprises leverage Zoho CRM to support their important customer contacts, sales leads, and trading partner relationships. These include Amazon India, ActionCoach, Load Delivered, Mogl, and Booking Live.

What is a Zoho CRM Application Connector?

A Zoho CRM integration connector provides APIs so you can create integrations between Zoho and other critical business applications. The Zoho connector enables businesses to simplify workflows, eliminate manual processing, and reliably connect to larger and more lucrative partners. Users gain a platform to integrate other ERP, CRM, EDI, and fulfillment systems, secure data handoff to enterprise storage and analysis systems, and drive business intelligence and optimize operational outcomes.

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Why Use a Zoho CRM Connector?

Businesses looking to support the requirements of their largest trading partners often have to support various EDI workflows. But attempting EDI directly through Zoho is difficult, and it’s a common request via support and community forums. Organizations end up manually processing orders from large customers who submit and receive all orders via EDI, and it’s a tedious task. Additionally, reliably integrating Zoho with an ERP like NetSuite or Acumatica is complex.

With a Zoho SaaS connector, you can:

  • Eliminate manual EDI processing and integration workflows
  • Rapidly connect to any e-commerce platform or ERP
  • Sync data across front- and back-end applications
  • Seamlessly integrate customer, order, and financial data

The result: Businesses can automate the data flows to and from Zoho to enhance their data flows and close more business faster.

Integrate with Zoho CRM

Cleo Integration Cloud connects the Zoho CRM and your other business applications to keep data aligned between front-end and back-end systems. These prebuilt connectors shield you from the cost and complexity of integration, spares you the burden of API maintenance and expertise, and helps your business easily integrate order, product, and customer data from Zoho to your ERP.


Looking to integrate Zoho CRM processes with NetSuite or another application? Cleo’s Zoho connector helps your business rapidly connect to any e-commerce platform or ERP, and seamlessly integrate customer, order, and financial data to do more business faster.

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