How Volusion eCommerce Application Integration Will Boost Your Online Store

A connector for Volusion eCommerce application integration will automate and optimize your digital store.

The proliferation of eCommerce applications and tools to build digital storefronts has helped simplify the foray into the world of online sales for many businesses, and it’s connected the world in new ways. One of those apps, Volusion, has helped hundreds of organizations build out an eCommerce presence, gain new customers, and support omnichannel retail strategies to grow their businesses. A Volusion eCommerce application integration, however, can further elevate that experience.

While part of evolving as a modern business means strategically using applications like Volusion to support new revenue models, integrating those best-of-breed applications into your IT infrastructure is a challenge for most organizations. That’s because they are designers, creators, manufacturers, and service providers focused on delivering goods and services to customers, not IT integrators.

And that’s OK. There are experts out there who are better suited to handle these API integrations while you focus on your business.

Here’s why an ecosystem integration approach, one that leverages out-of-the-box Volusion integration, will help your business streamline the data flows that support modern eCommerce processes.

What is Volusion?

Volusion is a leading eCommerce platform that enables users to create and operate online stores from which to sell their products and build and grow their online businesses. The app offers everything a business or merchant needs to sell online, including web design, marketing, inventory management, and payment tools. Volusion has a strong reputation in providing data and customer insights for its users.

How Does Volusion Work?

When sellers and merchants deploy Volusion technology, they have a single application for a digital storefront to sell goods and services, accept payment, and manage inventory. Volusion hails itself as the platform that simplifies the journey into online sales, and its website says most businesses can set up a digital store in less than 10 minutes. Shopify, Magento and BigCommerce are competitive products that have their own pros and cons. In the argument of Volusion vs. Shopify, for example, the Shopify platform generally has more comprehensive features, but Volusion has a stronger offering when it comes data services, customer insights, and variable payment options.

Is Volusion Safe?

Businesses certainly will evaluate all aspects of their systems and applications, and the Volusion eCommerce platform is no different. Data security and safety are of utmost importance, especially when accepting customers’ personal and financial information. All eCommerce websites, Volusion included, must have an SSL certificate, and the Volusion SSL certificate is installed upon go-live and automatically renews every 90 days, according to the Volusion support page.

Who Uses Volusion?

Lots of small and medium-sized businesses across apparel, home and garden, food, health and beauty, and electronics use the Volusion eCommerce platform, including Skates.com, Jon Hart Design, Pure Rose, Bathroom Place, and Pepper Palace.

What is a Volusion Application Connector? ​

Cleo’s Volusion application connector is a built-in wizard from Cleo Integration Cloud that guides users through the initial API connection with the eCommerce application​. Our connector not only creates the connection but also sets the foundation for the Volusion integration to seamlessly enable the flow of data between the Volusion app and your internal business systems.

The Cleo Integration Cloud platform sits between an ERP and the Volusion application. Using the Volusion API, the eCommerce connector pulls data out of Volusion and transforms and transfers it into the ERP, which could be NetSuite, SAP, or Acumatica. Cleo Integration Cloud’s Volusion app connector also works in a similar manner for integration with CRM, EDI, and fulfillment systems to keep front-end and back-end technologies aligned. This is beneficial for managing inventory and fulfillment processes, as well as executing manufacturing workflows.

Why Use a Volusion Connector?

Cleo’s Volusion application connector automates the order-to-cash flow between your digital store and your back-end ERP, CRM, and EDI solutions. Perhaps an online shopper wants to purchase a pair of roller skates from the Skates.com storefront. She moves the product in the digital cart, and then submits shipping and payment information. The payment info (a JSON payload) transfers to Cleo Integration Cloud, which transforms the format to fit the specific ERP and uploads it into that ERP. The warehouse that packs and ships the item follows the same process, where the shipping info is sent back through Cleo Integration Cloud and uploads into Volusion, where Skates.com teams can track it from there. The shopper then gets a confirmation email in near real-time to know the cost, expected shipment, and arrival date of those skates.

Integrate with Volusion

Online selling is critical for every retailer, and eCommerce applications like Volusion, Shopify, and Magento help simplify the venture into digital sales. The ability to seamlessly connect and integrate across a company’s ecosystem, which is comprised of not only these applications but also supply chain partners and vendors, is extremely important for growing your business. A modern platform is required to integrate partner, storefront, and marketplace data with back-end applications, as well as enable the synchronization of internal applications, integration of data stores, and connections to big data storage and analytics frameworks. ​

Thus, supporting the quick, seamless integration of a SaaS application like the Volusion eCommerce platform becomes extremely critical for a successful business. Companies will achieve greater success when they have strong, flexible integration capabilities to ensure multi-enterprise ecosystem participants can interact. Cleo’s cloud integration technology enables fluid and frictionless interactions across applications and with partners, customers, suppliers, and other vendors for the modern enterprise.


Drop us a line for more about Volusion, the Cleo Integration Cloud platform, and our portfolio of application connectors today.

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