Application Proliferation and The Intelligent Enterprise: An Interview with Cleo CEO, Mahesh Rajasekharan

Earlier this summer, we had the opportunity sit down with Cleo CEO, Mahesh Rajasekharan to discuss digital transformation, the cutting-edge technologies that are driving business forward, and one of the most pressing challenges companies face as they attempt to digitally transform. Today, we are carrying on our discussion with a focus the intelligent enterprise – what that means and why integration is the key to making the business smarter.

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On Premise vs. Cloud: Key Differences, Benefits and Risks

In today’s world of enterprise IT, there are many factors that a company must consider in order to decide whether a cloud infrastructure is the right fit. Conversely, there are many companies that are unable make the leap into the cloud, instead relying on their tried-and-true legacy and on-premise applications and software to do business.


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The Pace of Change in Modern Business Ecosystems

Back in the day, one of the biggest wrenches a business trading partner could throw in the gears of your B2B ecosystem was asking you to support a new communication protocol or data format. The whole thing ultimately changed the way you did business, and it felt like trying to abruptly turn a large ship with a steady head of steam.

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Full Metal Jacket, Ecosystems, and Buzzwords

From Full Metal Jacket

LOCKHART: Uh, we have a new directive from M.A.F. on this. In the future, in place of “search and destroy,” substitute the phrase “sweep and clear.” Got it?

JOKER: Got it. Very catchy.


What a great example of buzzwords and terminology that influence meaning and context.

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Data Integration and What to Know Before Starting a Project

Within an enterprise, data is coming from every angle imaginable. Various sources are sending different types of data, in all shapes and sizes, and the onus is on enterprise IT to integrate that data in an easy-to-manage way. So how exactly does a business handle all this data in a modern manner?

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The Need for Transparency in Business Process Integration

The modern enterprise has a greater thirst for how its critical data flows fit into the broader context of the business, and thus, organizations demand more of their integration technology. But existing approaches to integration are lacking in their capabilities to meet these modern demands and fully enable business process integration.

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Four Ways to Integrate Using APIs

Whatever your preconceptions are with buzz terms like digital transformation, and whatever stage you find your current IT strategy within the enterprise, whether it’s at the onset of planning a cloud migration project, or you’re busy maintaining a legacy environment coupled with a preponderance of cloud applications, or even if your business is debating where to go next, odds are you are using some form of APIs to integrate between applications, systems, and businesses.

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What is iPaaS? Explanation, Benefits & Use Cases

Nowadays, in order to meet customer demand, stay ahead of competitors, and increase agility, companies must have an enterprise integration solution in place that can effectively encompass ever-expanding integration requirements across multiple application, data, and ecosystem patterns. That’s why more and more companies are looking to tap the potential for expansive integration capabilities offered by a dynamic subset of the application infrastructure and middleware (AIM) technology market – Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS).

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The Differences Between ETL and ELT

For quite some time now, extract, transform, load (ETL) has been the de-facto standard for data warehousing and analytics. More recently, however, another approach, extract, load, transform (ELT), has gained momentum, and takes upon a different and more modern style when enacting data ingestion.

But that doesn’t mean that ELT is going to completely replace ETL anytime soon, either.

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Your Digital Transformation Effort Needs a Course Correction

Fixing a Problem with the Pipes

When I’m washing the dishes I’m doing one of two things – either my best impression of Simon Le Bon singing “The Reflex” (Every little thing the reflex does, Leaves you answered with a question mark), or I’m trying to figure out how to get more water pressure out of the faucet.

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