Oh, the Places Your Business Will Go with MFT

When was the last time you or your bosses were excited about managed file transfer (MFT)?

It’s probably been a while, but that’s just the nature of MFT. It’s not truly exciting at its core because nothing is particularly exciting about the steady, dependable platform that delivers files to the right place, at the right, and knowing it got there. MFT just does its job.

And that’s the real beauty of MFT. It has always been about securely connecting to systems and people in an interoperable, reliable, and governable way. But MFT’s fundamental capabilities of controlling and governing critical business data flows are more relevant than ever given today’s global digital business ecosystem.

That’s why, time and time again, companies are banging the drum for the very capabilities that such technologies deliver. MFT advances far beyond an operational, security technology. It’s a technology boost for your organization, much like a dose of 5-hour Energy® or one of those natural wellness shots, such as Vive Organic.

The cool thing is, companies are finding that with such a reliable MFT technology underneath, they have a uniquely reliable data delivery tool that they can extend to build amazing applications on top of. All of a sudden, innovative, high-tech companies such as Uber and Amazon have this highly available platform that can be programmatically invoked from the message bus or iPaaS, and they don’t have to worry about the reliability and automation because it’s already baked in. Then their developers, armed with the MFT toolset, start to make applications primed for the B2B capabilities, which is what we’re really talking about.

All your organization’s data streams are protected, and your business can move as fast as it wants, offering customers a greater service and experience.

Think about a grocery chain with broad distribution networks and hundreds of sites all over the country (or world). The data flows that must consistently move between corporate headquarters and each location – inventory numbers, logistics information, pricing data, credit card processing, etc. – in a governed, standardized, and secure way are nothing short of significant. An integrated MFT platform that supports these data exchanges and integration scenarios delivers the reliability and visibility to keep those transactions moving, shelves stocked, and customers happy.

But now think about how that wonderful and necessary technology lays the foundation for grocery apps Postmates and Instacart, whose APIs can enable delivery of these goods on demand. The MFT-enabled organization can combine functions to create apps and systems to power new services for their customers.

Pretty exciting, huh?

Leading organizations leverage MFT and REST APIs to deliver better agility, better cloud, better scale, better response time, better governance, and better dependability to win as a modern business.

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