The Logistics of a Modern, Scalable EDI Platform

Adam Hughes
The scalability of EDI

EDI remains the de-facto standard for most organization’s critical B2B transactions and activities. Because of this, anytime a company begins the transition to a modernization effort, EDI modernization is or should be at the forefront of those plans.

As EDI continues to play a central role in an enterprise’s ecosystem participation and value-creation, companies recognize the importance to an EDI modernization plan. Modernizing your EDI creates flexibility and provides a much more comprehensive solution than companies have utilized in the past.

One of the primary reasons that an EDI modernization strategy is so critical to an enterprise’s success is due to the level of scalability it provides. As companies take on more and more customers, being able to scale when necessary is fundamental in order to not simply keep those customers, but keep them happy.

Scale, Scale, Scale

As your organization evolves and expands, it becomes increasingly tough to navigate the many transactional volumes that come with more customers and more orders. Having more customers than ever sounds great (and is), but if you are unable to effectively manage the needs of those customers, then you aren’t doing your organization any favors.

As many as 95% of IT decision makers maintain ecosystem aspirations, but 38% of those IT managers lack the confidence in their capacity to scale to support digital transformation initiatives. That is quite a high number and shows just how serious the issue of scaling is in today’s modern enterprise.

Further, what exactly happens to your total cost of ownership (TCO) when you try to scale with a traditional EDI managed services provider? That is an added cost to onboard a new trading partner or make any changes in order to gain visibility, which can get pretty costly in a hurry. Modern EDI solutions aren’t going to present your enterprise with hidden costs that you have no choice but to pay in order to scale.

When enterprises make the leap to modernize their EDI, the end result is a more seamless experience for the members of their digital ecosystem, whether it’s trading partners or customers. Being able to scale as needed is invaluable and regardless of the industry, something every company in 2019 needs. 

The Logistics of EDI

Along with the supply chain, EDI has often been referred to as the lifeblood of the logistics industry. From all of the EDI communication standards to the various EDI messages, the critical data communication standard that is EDI has been fundamental throughout the logistics industry for a long time.

As much as any other industry, if not more, logistics companies must be able to scale – and scale quickly. Companies need to handle the sending and receiving of electronic documents, such as X12, EDIFACT, Tradacoms, ODETTE, EANCOM, HIPAA, VDA, and much more. Throughout the logistics industry, becoming EDI capable means not just being able to accommodate and leverage all of these communication standards, but to do so efficiently and fast.

EDI’s primary goal is designed to make the workflow of a logistics company smooth and easier through the standardization, automation, integration, and simplification of those critical data exchanges. But that’s why it takes the right solution to make these things possible, and the right solution begins with modernizing your EDI.

A Modern EDI for a Modern World

Cleo Integration Cloud bridges the gap from traditional EDI models to make sure you have full connectivity, visibility, and support for non-standard document syntaxes. This modernized EDI platform provides the flexibility, scalability, and comprehensive end-to-end processing power that’s critical to business today.

Cleo Integration Cloud streamlines how you connect and integrate EDI data across your multi-enterprise supply chain. Extend dataflows to integrate into core applications and expand your online presence with seamless eCommerce and marketplace integration. Whether you need EDI on-premise or in the cloud — Cleo helps you optimize EDI integration and ramp up business process efficiency for fully-realized supply chain performance.

The next generation of business growth will be driven by successful ecosystem integration powered by modern EDI approaches.

Modernize Your EDI Now



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