How Cloud Freight Audit Company nVision Solved Its EDI Order Processing Problem

EDI order processing used to be a problem for SaaS-based freight audit, logistics, and payment company nVision.

The number 100 million is gigantic on its own, but 100 million of what? For one SaaS-based freight audit, logistics, and payment company, 100 million is the number of EDI orders it processes annually from a global network of partners and customers. One hundred million documents would amount to an EDI order processing nightmare for most companies, but Georgia-based nVision Global Technology Solutions discovered a better way to do it.

The SaaS company delivers Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX)-compliant freight audit and payment services software to provide customers a flexible logistics solution. Its invoices are spread across nearly 200 countries worldwide. NVision Global also works with 18,500 transportation providers and must support all variety of industry-standard protocols. All told, it’s a sprawling ecosystem that depends on reliable data communications and a modern EDI strategy.

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The challenge for nVision Global, however, was that its EDI software had become outdated and even disjointed. With this type of IT footprint, it was not at all conducive to the level of customer experience that nVision Global wanted to provide, possibly even hindering the growth of the company. Onboarding new customers also was a major challenge that meant long delays in earning revenue. The final straw came for nVision when it became difficult to even find a consultant to write new maps for all of its software.

A wholesale change had to be made, one that would drastically enhance the entire EDI process, improve B2B integration between itself and its customers, and better support nVision’s high-volume EDI order processing.

Luther Brown, nVision’s founder and CEO, said in an IT Pro Portal article: “We work with tens of thousands of transportation providers and must support whatever industry-standard protocols and custom file formats our customers – and their customers – demand. A patchwork of disparate, outdated solutions made onboarding new business incredibly difficult, and the inability to efficiently integrate was keeping us from serving our global customers the way an innovative SaaS technology provider should.”

Powered by Cleo Integration Cloud, nVision Global can now securely move and transform its critical business data. No longer burdened by its former outdated and disparate systems, nVision Global also can offer its customers a truly global, cloud-based platform.

Besides dashboards that provide true end-to-end visibility, nVision Global also wields a single platform to communicate and transfer EDI data. With customers across the globe, each with a specific data requirement or business need, nVision Global has streamlined the way it does business and provides a more modern customer experience.

Brown adds: “Investing in a single-platform ecosystem integration solution that flexibly supports data movement and data transformation capabilities will simplify and streamline ALL integration use cases.” 

Read the full case study of how nVision upgraded its EDI solution and improved how it does business with customers and trading partners.

Read the Full Case Study

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