Creative Integration Strategies for the Modern Enterprise

Matt Torman
Creative Integration Strategies for the Modern Enterprise

Please note: This post originally appeared on Extol.com (EXTOL has been acquired by Cleo).

Cleo Clarify is a flexible and powerful tool, similar to a Swiss Army knife, that is always nice to have tucked away in your pocket. It is designed to be very flexible for your particular needs and for your creativity and innovative thinking. The goal of this blog is to have you think outside of the box and apply Cleo Clarify to a business problem for which it may not be specifically targeted. Or, at least open your mind to its features and how to apply them in ways that do not conform to their core functionalities.

Let’s face it, anyone can build a ruleset and move some data values from X to Y. But, the real winners are those who don’t allow their conventional thinking to bottleneck Cleo Clarify’s potential within their business.

Just to get you thinking, allow me to provide some innovative examples of our customer’s non-conventional uses:

  • Application analysis rulesets with collaboration/endpoint routing for non-EDI transactions (yes, it’s designed for non-EDI use too!)
  • SQL Access actions and code table application for data validation rather than just retrieving values
  • Building real-time spreadsheet order forms from current inventory and pricing for “Mom and Pop shop” partners to fill out and then processing them when they are returned
  • Global variables as “stop” and “go” flags for executing business processes
  • FTP adapters to move data internal to your network because it is faster than file sharing protocols

The point is that Cleo Clarify can do more than you currently allow it to, no matter if you’re a brand new customer or a seasoned veteran. How can Cleo Clarify work for you in ways not yet considered? How can you pump up ROI your boss always talks about? Look at the battles you fight daily in the trenches. Then, take your mind for a stroll through Cleo Clarify’s Workbench “tree” of features. Don’t stereotype functionalities; you’ll soon realize that it is more of a forest than a tree.

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