What It Takes to Provide the Best EDI for Logistics Companies

What kinds of things that make a tech company successful in helping logistics organizations of all types improve the digital workflows critical to their businesses? Delivering the best EDI solution, for one.

Logistics organizations keep goods moving, whether it’s via air, over land and water, or across borders, and such responsibilities require the global coordination of business data. That means connecting and integrating multiple applications and systems within the supply chain, which requires support for various protocols (AS2, SFTP, HTTPs, etc.), data formats (EDI, XML, spreadsheets, etc.), and security mandates (HIPAA, SOX, PCI, etc.).

As you might imagine, it’s no easy task. But that’s what’s great about an integration technology designed to support past, present, and emerging data requirements for the digital enterprise. Solutions are developed to solve real-life data scenarios required by real-life customers.

Some of the benefits logistics organizations say they must gain from their integration technology partner include:

  • Reliable EDI technology: Logistics organizations count on the best EDI solutions to communicate with their partners, and companies undergoing digital transformation initiatives that include secure, reliable EDI technology.
  • Supply chain visibility: Integrating applications and systems onto a single platform enables a 360-degree of the operation to meet SLAs, reduce chargebacks, and improve customer responsiveness.
  • Faster onboarding: Organizations often struggle for weeks or months to configure partner profiles and begin doing business. Modern integration solutions are designed to simplify those processes, reducing partner and customer onboarding time by 50 percent.
  • Measurable business outcomes: Technology is a business driver, and logistics and transportation companies need their IT solutions to support quantifiable inventory, warehousing, and delivery results so they can get paid, scale their business, and compete in newer markets.

While data exchange demands vary company to company, particularly those serving the supply chain, there are patterns that tend to overlap and repeat. Here are a few specific outcomes that logistics companies have achieved with the best EDI solutions:

  • Trinidad Benham Corp., the largest provider of beans, rice, and popcorn in the U.S., uses single-platform MFT and data transformation technology to integrate applications and a complex supply chain, expedite partner onboarding, and gain control over EDI workflows. Trinidad brought EDI processing in-house and cut ties with its VAN, which delivered the control it sought and greatly reduced costs.
  • Facilitating EDI transfer to support distribution was a top priority for Octapharma, as it was a major headache for the pharmaceutical manufacturing organization. Modern B2B integration technology reliably delivered the data and in the formats that Octapharma’s distributors required, all while meeting stringent FDA compliance mandates.
  • Lipari Foods, a U.S. wholesale food distributor, now uses a centralized integration hub for electronic data processing. Lipari has streamlined EDI transactions and other non-EDI communications, supporting the preferred formats and protocols its partners and suppliers demand.

Another world-class organization, Reddy Ice, credits its technology investment with evolving its business model to a more customer-centric one.

“As the largest manufacturer and distributor of packaged ice products in the United States, Reddy Ice requires a modern EDI platform to expedite trading partner onboarding and scale up communications during high-volume periods,” said Neelu Sethi, CIO of Reddy Ice. “Cleo solutions enable a more demand-driven business model rather than a supply-driven one, which allows for exponentially more transparency and responsiveness during peak seasonal demands.”

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