Measuring the Value of Your iPaaS in Ecosystems

Welcome to the Think Tank with Frank Kenney

With decades of analyst and integration industry experience, Frank Kenney is a fountain of knowledge on all things tech. Now, he aims to share that awareness with you. Come back every other Thursday for your biweekly dose of thought leadership in this blog from one of technology’s most insightful thinkers and gain perspective on a variety of topics ranging from what’s happening in integration today to what’s on the horizon, poised to disrupt the integration space going forward.

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Out with Legacy and In with Ecosystem: Cleo’s Best Integration Blogs of 2018, Part 1

Pardon the holiday pun, but as we get ready to put a bow on 2018, it’s a good time to reflect on the things we’ve accomplished over the past year and plan for the things we want to achieve in the new one. This year at Cleo, we put extra emphasis on delivering content to help businesses across industries make more informed buying decisions when it comes to cloud, application, and B2B integration technology.

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How to Protect Your Business from Chargebacks

With the biggest few weeks of shopping upon us, suppliers, retailers, shippers, and logistics and transportation organizations must ensure the processes connecting them run smoothly and enable a happy holiday season. Fulfilling that mission, however, depends on fast and reliable communication to move goods, provide services, and fill orders.

Unfortunately, even in the digital age, companies still have trouble connecting and integrating their ecosystems to automate the business transactions that make commerce happen, and if these process failures mean they miss service-level agreements (SLAs) with their trading partners, they are assessed fines known as chargebacks.

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Embedded Integration Accelerates SaaS Operations, Improves Customer Experience

For SaaS companies, maintaining an efficient operational flow isn’t something that happens overnight. Those companies with legacy and disparate communication tools are often unable to efficiently take on new customers and even struggle to keep those they already have.

Being able to integrate with customers quickly and efficiently is something that companies cannot afford to put aside; it is simply mandatory for success.

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Say ‘Yes’ to New Business with an Enterprise Integration Platform

Let’s face it, in the enterprise, saying “yes” feels a lot better than saying “no,” doesn’t it? You don’t want to be the company that has to tell its customers that your enterprise integration platform cannot support a specific communication protocol or handle its data format requirements.

What exactly does saying “yes” mean, to today’s enterprises?

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3 Ways Integration Can Help Your Partner Onboarding Processes

It’s no secret that as we approach 2019, companies must be easy to do business with. Your customers and trading partners are just as busy as you are, and they don’t have the time, money, or patience to wait on connecting and transacting.

One of the first things a company can do to ensure a smooth working relationship with its customers and partners is to have an easy and efficient onboarding process.

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How SaaS Companies Address Compounding Integration Demands

While SaaS companies certainly strive to be innovative and modern, that is often easier said than done in the modern business landscape, especially when it comes to integration.

While these cloud-based organizations are often synonymous with technology and innovation, many of these companies weren’t actually born in the cloud and face the same hybrid integration challenges – connecting on-premise and cloud data sources – that other enterprises’ face.

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3 Reasons to Visit Cleo at Gartner’s Application Summit in Las Vegas

Cleo is sponsoring and exhibiting at this week’s Gartner Application Strategies & Solutions Summit at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas. Applications are an increasingly critical component of enterprise evolution in the era of the cloud and digital transformation, and the event, which runs Nov. 27-29, provides a valuable networking forum for businesses looking to elevate their application strategies, embrace and master emerging technologies, and enable effective business outcomes.

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Driving E-Commerce Excellence Through Your Applications

With just a few days left until the biggest shopping day of the year – Black Friday –  the 2018 edition has come a long way from where it was years ago. Throughout the digital age, companies everywhere have sought to provide the most convenient ways for their customers to shop, and that strategy is more than ever reliant on a strategic combination of omnichannel online and in-person experiences.

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Measuring the Value of Your iPaaS in Ecosystems

Published December 13, 2018

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