The Snowballing Integration Requirements That Challenge Cloud-Services Organizations

What customers really want from a cloud-based service is to leverage that offering to improve some specific business process and make more money. It matters less how it happens behind the scenes; they ultimately want the end business outcome. But delivering the service certainly matters to the SaaS organization, and doing so in a reliable, elegant manner means successful customer integration is critical.

B2B Integration Saves the Day When Retailers Demand Stricter Delivery Windows

Ask any retail store or warehouse manager in charge of inventory his or her preferred shipping time, and this is the response you’re likely to hear: “I want it yesterday.” We live in an age where prompt turnaround through digital technology is the norm. We see it in nearly every aspect of life, reducing an everyday task into the fraction of time that it previously took to complete.

Savvy SaaS Companies Take This Integration Approach to Improve Their Cloud Services

The success of any SaaS product is proportional to its usability and the ability for customers to adopt the offering, and connecting customer systems and integrating business information are critical in driving the solution’s value. Thus, it’s important to understand how seamless B2B connectivity with customers and partners enables SaaS organizations to deliver a better service.

Reliable Integration Assists Pharma Company in Distributing Life-Saving Treatments

The importance of safe and optimal use of human proteins cannot be underestimated. Rare blood disorders affect hundreds of thousands of people and are managed through life-saving hematology treatments and immunotherapy. And due to improved research and advanced medicines, the human protein and plasma fractionation industry is ever-improving and ever-growing. This year, the global market is estimated at $21 billion and is expected to expand to nearly $30 billion by 2023, according to a study published by MarketsandMarkets.

What Every SaaS Company Should Know About Integrating with Its Customers

SaaS organizations that have created their solutions with a focus on data aggregation and valuation are facing a unique problem when it comes to integration. Integration enables systems to connect and businesses to communicate, supporting the continuous flow of information critical to SaaS operations, but it’s up to the SaaS organization to manage the hundreds, thousands, or even millions of transactions a day that support its customers’ businesses.
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