When You Choose B2B Integration Technology, You Win on Three Levels

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With decades of analyst and integration industry experience, Frank Kenney is a fountain of knowledge on all things tech. Now, he aims to share that awareness with you. Come back every other Thursday for your biweekly dose of thought leadership in this blog from one of technology’s most insightful thinkers and gain perspective on a variety of topics ranging from what’s happening in integration today to what’s on the horizon, poised to disrupt the integration space going forward.

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What Are Web Services? Easy-to-Learn Concepts with Examples

You can’t mention the term “web services” nowadays without immediately evoking references to Amazon Web Services or Google’s Web service, Google Cloud Platform. There’s a reason for that, though. These tech giants have raised the bar by addressing the need for application development. And scale from the likes of Amazon and Google is exactly what makes modern web services possible.

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What Does it Mean to be EDI Capable?

The supply chain and electronic data interchange (EDI) have both been described as the lifeblood of logistics.

And it’s a very fitting description. Think of the supply chain as the body’s circulatory system. EDI communication standards is the blood coursing through, making it go. All the various EDI messages are the red blood cells, white blood cells, plasma, and platelets.

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How B2BiaaS Makes Integration Less Intimidating

The greatest technology on the planet is nothing without an equally great user experience that enables an exceptional, fluid interaction. That’s one of the most compelling reasons the modern business market has been beating the drum for an offering like B2B integration as a service, also known as B2Bi as a service and B2BiaaS.

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How B2B-Led Cloud Integration Will Solve Your Integration Issues

The problem with run-of-the-mill integration technology is that it’s not as flexible or as user-friendly as B2B-led cloud integration technology. What we mean by that, of course, is that traditional B2B integration solutions often are not designed for a great user experience. It’s designed to do the technical heavy lifting around B2B data exchanges, and it might rightly execute those critical responsibilities.

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Four Digital Transformation Trends Shaping the Future of EDI

If you need more evidence that time flies, we are fast approaching the halfway point of 2018. We are also nearing a crucial moment in the world of enterprise technology. Further proof of the non-stop march of time, is that technology evolves at what feels like a daily basis, and enterprises must stay on top of the latest digital transformation trends in order to maximize their advantage to the fullest potential.

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10 Mind-Boggling Figures that Describe the Internet of Things (IoT)

Whatever the Internet of Things (IoT) is today could be much different just weeks from now. And predictions about the size and the impact that IoT will have on business vary greatly. After all, the extent to which IoT is forecast to impact society is constantly changing in scope – usually in terms of how much further that extent is estimated to be.

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The Business Problem of Using File Transfer Protocol (FTP)

Today’s world functions on data – facts, statistics, trends, values, measurements. That means your business functions on data. Gathering, analyzing, and moving it. If that data fails to get where it’s supposed to be, the consequences can have a ripple effect on your business and beyond. How you manage the flow of data drives the success of your business, and the old methods for managing this critical information just aren’t cutting it anymore.

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