How JDA Scaled Its SaaS Supply Chain Business with Embedded Integration

Data transfer to and from customers is key to providing a SaaS offering, and as a SaaS provider’s customer base grows, so does the demand for protocols and connectors that can deliver modern and reliable data exchange. As the worldwide leader in supply chain management, manufacturing, and retail planning software, Arizona-based JDA Software knows a thing or two about trying to keep up with that demand.

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5 Approaches to Integration and Why They’re Killing Your Business

For years, there has been a way of “doing things,” so to speak, when it comes to integrating systems and applications in the enterprise. Sure, organizations vary how they get their integrations to work, but across companies and industries, patterns tend to emerge.

These are five of the most common approaches to integration, none of which are truly ideal for businesses in the era of digital transformation:

  1. Build it from scratch: Some businesses prefer to keep their hands involved in everything, and build their own solutions from scratch.
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4 Reasons Your Organization Should Migrate Off the VAN

It’s easy to take for granted the great tools that simplify and streamline B2B communications today, but there was a time, during the early days of the internet, when companies struggled to digitally communicate with their trading partners. B2B communication is still a challenge in some regards today, but back then, there were limited options given the cost of deploying MFT technology.

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5 Key Takeaways from Salesforce’s $6.5B Acquisition of MuleSoft

Mergers and acquisitions in the technology space are nothing new. However, Salesforce’s lofty bid for MuleSoft announced March 20 made headlines for reasons beyond the $6.5 billion price point. Briefly, the massive deal signifies a major bet on hybrid integration technology by the largest SaaS company on earth. And that points to something really important.

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Enterprise Data Readiness the Key to Big Data Value

Companies are scrambling, and not for the reasons you necessarily think. Why? Because when they see all the promises and value that big data can bring, many rush to implement analytics programs to capitalize on those promises in fear of being left behind. The problem, however, is without an infrastructure to integrate all your business information, completing valuable big data initiatives becomes impossible.

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March Madness Data Conundrum is Year-Long Madness for Businesses

Duke or North Carolina? Virginia or Villanova? What about a dark horse like St. Bonaventure or Davidson? This is the week every year where millions of Americans become college basketball experts and fill out a men’s and/or women’s bracket for year-long bragging rights and the highest respect from their peers.

Every year there are those of us that spend hours crunching the numbers, analyzing those first-round matchups, only to see our brackets fall apart by the end of Day 1.

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