B2B Integration Powers the Open Banking Revolution

Remember how annoying it used to be when you applied for a credit card? You’d receive some pre-qualified offer in the mail, and then call up a 1-800 number to give all your information. Then you would wait four to six weeks to find out whether you were approved.

What about the days before direct deposit, when you would manually deposit your hard-earned paycheck into your bank and hopefully the check would clear within a day or two?

E-Commerce Tech Provider Moves Millions of Documents So Entrepreneurs Can Pursue Their Dreams

Launching a business is an incredibly difficult endeavor. But through all the blood, sweat, and tears, it’s the entrepreneurial spirit that so many successful businesses are built upon. And fortunately, there’s an e-commerce technology company that simplifies parts of the process.

ECi Software Solutions, which provides business and e-commerce solutions via the cloud and also on-premise technology, does exactly that.

Cleo a Staple for Packaging, Processing Company Requiring Better EDI Control

Beans, rice, and popcorn.

Look through any kitchen across the United States, and you’re bound to come across one, if not all, of those items. They are cupboard and pantry staples.

And Trinidad Benham Corp. has been providing those staples since 1917. The Denver-based merchandising, packaging, trading, and distribution company does private-label packaging for the items mentioned above and gourmet soup mixes as well as food contact products such as aluminum foil, plastic wrap, parchment papers, and wax papers.