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Halvor Lines Inc.

The Cleo Clarify™ solution, the data transformation component of the Cleo Integration Cloud, seamlessly integrates with the TMWSuite front-end application for an easy-to-use, scalable, and cost-effective EDI solution.

What You Must Have from Your Integration Solution – and Vendor

Ever counted just how many technology solutions are in use within your organization? The number can be a little intimidating, but the traditional approach to solving business problems – as a one-off problem – has led to technologies rapidly accumulating over time. This leads to a complex arsenal of disparate solutions that don’t inherently communicate with each other but are still important to daily business workflows.

MFT Delivers the File Transfer Capabilities That HR Needs Most

One of the cool things about modern B2B integration solutions is the variety of internal use cases the technology can solve. So many businesses require secure file transfer technology to communicate externally with customers, vendors, suppliers, and other trading partners, but a ton of critical data exchange also happens among internal departments.

The Snowballing Integration Requirements That Challenge Cloud-Services Organizations

What customers really want from a cloud-based service is to leverage that offering to improve some specific business process and make more money. It matters less how it happens behind the scenes; they ultimately want the end business outcome. But delivering the service certainly matters to the SaaS organization, and doing so in a reliable, elegant manner means successful customer integration is critical.

B2B Integration Saves the Day When Retailers Demand Stricter Delivery Windows

Ask any retail store or warehouse manager in charge of inventory his or her preferred shipping time, and this is the response you’re likely to hear: “I want it yesterday.”

We live in an age where prompt turnaround through digital technology is the norm. We see it in nearly every aspect of life, reducing an everyday task into the fraction of time that it previously took to complete.

What Every SaaS Company Should Know About Integrating with Its Customers

Data transfer to and from customers is a key part to providing a SaaS service, and as a SaaS provider’s customer base grows, so does demand for different protocols and connectors.

Providing the range of options for connectivity with either home-grown or open source software, or commercial MFT and B2B gateways, has a range of problems that will distract the SaaS provider from its core business.

What Every SaaS Company Should Know About Integrating with Its Customers

SaaS organizations that have created their solutions with a focus on data aggregation and valuation are facing a unique problem when it comes to integration.

Integration enables systems to connect and businesses to communicate, supporting the continuous flow of information critical to SaaS operations, but it’s up to the SaaS organization to manage the hundreds, thousands, or even millions of transactions a day that support its customers’ businesses.

Lipari Foods

Cleo Clarify enables Lipari Foods to quickly adapt to partners’ systems, which provides for a better experience as they don’t have to worry about the hassle of making their files compatible.

Dealer Information Systems

With Cleo VLTrader in place Dealer Information Systems Ltd. (DIS) was able meet the GM ebXML mandate and also offer future customers additional methods of connectivity.


Distributel Communications Limited now has multiple Cleo solutions in place, giving the company a reliable tool for consolidating systems and integrating back-end technology to streamline operations.

Cleo Integration Cloud Named an iPaaS Leader by G2 Crowd

ROCKFORD, Illinois – Cleo, a global leader in cloud integration technology, today announced that G2 Crowd, a peer-to-peer business solutions review platform, has recognized Cleo Integration Cloud as a leading solution on the G2 Crowd Grid® for iPaaS software. Solutions in the Leader quadrant, the highest ranking on the grid and where the Cleo Integration Cloud has been ranked, are rated favorably by G2 Crowd users and have substantial market presence scores.

Steel Technologies

Steel Technologies deployed the Cleo VLTrader solution and upgraded its critical EDI communications to exchange nearly 2,000 documents a day with customers, suppliers, and vendors over FTP and SFTP.

Mohawk Global Logistics

With Cleo, Mohawk has migrated 80 percent of the third-party EDI integrations in-house, and the company quickly gained the financial and business efficiency benefits of a reliable, scalable managed file transfer solution.

Cleo Again Earns Drummond Certification for AS2

ROCKFORD, Illinois — Cleo, a leading provider of enterprise cloud integration solutions, has been named one of 16 global organizations whose AS2 software products have been Drummond Certified™ in the automated interoperability test event for the third quarter of 2017.

This round of testing certifies the interoperability of AS2 for Version 5.5 of the Cleo Harmony®, Cleo VLTrader®, and Cleo LexiCom® solutions, which are part of the Cleo Integration Cloud.

2018: The Year of Enhanced Cloud Experiences, Increased Customer Value

Cleo … never stops.

That was the message delivered by Cleo CEO Mahesh Rajasekharan, Ph.D., in his keynote address during Day 1 of Cleo’s annual Sales Kickoff meeting last week in Chicago.

And it was a message that permeated throughout the week as Cleo released Cleo Integration Cloud™ (CIC), revealed its newly redesigned website, and took the final steps to make 2018 the year it continues to help businesses leverage leading integration technology and increase growth.

Introducing Cleo Integration Cloud, Delivering Enhanced Cloud Experiences for the Modern Enterprise

ROCKFORD, Illinois – Cleo, a global leader in cloud integration technology, today introduced Cleo Integration Cloud™ (CIC), a complete and flexible platform focused on multi-enterprise and intra-enterprise integration solutions for companies worldwide.

Whether implemented implicitly or explicitly, cloud technology has permeated every aspect of modern organizations, and it’s absolutely the responsibility of leading integration vendors to provide today’s enterprises with the right technology to ensure their cloud interactions are dependable, consistent, predictable, and visible.

Big Data and Business Analytics Symposium

The 2018 annual symposium on Big Data & Business Analytics focuses on pragmatic issues faced while deploying big data strategies to drive business success. It has a special focus on managing and analyzing the data captured through marketing, product development, manufacturing, distribution, sales, and service in a global setting. Cleo will be part of the panel session.

Gartner Application Architecture, Development, and Integration Summit

Gartner Application Architecture, Development & Integration Summit 2018 presents in-depth research, unbiased guidance, and actionable strategies for application leaders who define, design and deploy modern applications. The event explores how to drive digital transformation with the practical application of emerging technologies. Application and IT Leaders will enhance their understanding of how to create agile and sophisticated IT capabilities that support innovation, align with digital business goals, and deliver new competitive advantage.

Find a Cleo Partner

The Cleo Partner Program strives to help its partners grow their business, so we can expand each other’s capabilities and deliver better solutions to our joint customers. It’s a business-building program driven by your requirements.

To find a Cleo Partner, please complete the form. A Cleo Account Executive will contact you to assist in finding the partner to meet your needs.

Connect Today

Cleo LexiCom®, Cleo VLTrader®, and Cleo Harmony® offer hundreds of pre-loaded connection configurations to quickly and securely connect to your trading partners and VANs. This means that more than 80 percent of the work in connecting with these trading partners is already done for you via Cleo’s proven secure file transfer solutions.


We believe that in reading this complimentary Gartner report, you will learn how you can take advantage of the intersection of APIs and B2B. Capitalize on new API-driven capabilities that enhance traditional B2B technologies including EDI and MFT. Understanding the ways APIs complement MFT and EDI can help you optimize your B2B ecosystem in the age of digital transformation.

Cleo Dashboards

Cleo Dashboards is an easy-to-use web-based reporting tool for the Cleo Integration Cloud that provides read-only access to your transactional EDI and non-EDI data, as well as interactive dashboards for real-time views of transaction and system statuses.

These reports provide out of the box, real-time visibility into data transaction across communications and B2B integration tools.

Pennsylvania House of Representatives

Thanks to Cleo, the Pennsylvania House of Representatives is able to communicate whenever, wherever, and however it needs to in the most efficient way possible.


Hogan found a strategic business partner in Cleo, whose solutions helped shore up its integration infrastructure to ensure a better business experience for its current and future customers.

Application Connectors

The prevalence of cloud computing today offers enterprises more options than in ever in solving emerging business challenges. But as more business-critical applications move into the cloud, integrating that data into your B2B workflows becomes increasingly complex.

Cleo offers a host of application, SaaS, and cloud platform connectors that enable you to quickly connect and consolidate integration processes and data throughout your business.


Cleo’s professional and managed services teams also delivered to Rana a careful and responsive approach to the migration that featured a comprehensive plan, a timeline, and a full understanding of who is responsible for the data at every stage.


Mondetta received the EDI, flat file, protocol, and information integration support it craved via Cleo Integration Cloud was as able to reduce the time it takes to connect to customers and costly chargebacks for EDI errors.

Prepare for the Future of Managed File Transfer

Companies typically deploy a number of managed file transfer solutions to support their daily B2B and A2A processes, as well as the reliable data transformation, certificate management, and very specific secure protocols to do business with specific partners. But IT resources are stretched thin micro-managing all of these systems, which often don’t integrate well with each other and can’t deliver unified views of the traffic flowing (or not flowing) through them.

Enabling Big Data Success: Ingest, Transport, Populate and Govern

Big data success is only achieved when this data can easily move in, out, and through systems, feeding data lakes for analytics applications that turn raw information into valuable business intelligence. But companies are very quickly realizing their current system limitations in their desire to integrate businesses, people, applications, the cloud, and data repositories.

Breaking Down Data Barriers

As companies expand into new business initiatives and strive to better their customer’s experience, the new technologies and data flow processes that get adopted could actually limit their growth, and ultimately cost them new business opportunities.

What many organizations don’t realize is that there is a disconnect within their integrated IT architecture, which causes friction when new integration use cases are required.

B2B-Led Integration: Anywhere You Want It

At the core of many successful companies is an integration strategy that allows fast response times to customer demands, compliance to SLA requirements and mandates, and control and visibility over all transactional processes moving through the business. A B2B approach to integration strategy will enable the scalability needed to easily take on new integration use cases, like cloud, application, and big data integration, and deliver faster and more secure data processing and monitoring.

B2B-Led Integration: Across Your Supply Chain

At the core of many successful supply chain companies is an integration strategy that allows fast response times to customer demands, compliance to SLA requirements and mandates, and control and visibility over all transactional processes moving in and throughout the organization. A B2B approach to your integration strategy will make it easier to do business through the consolidation of all data and applications, on-premise or in the cloud, and enable scalability for new integration use cases, like cloud, application while ensuring operational up-time and compliance.

B2B-Led Integration: Information Services

At the core of many successful information services companies is an integration strategy that allows fast response times to customer demands, compliance to SLA requirements and mandates, and control and visibility over all transactional processes moving in and throughout their organization. A B2B approach to your integration strategy will make you easier to do business with through the consolidation of all data and applications, on-premise or in the cloud, and enable scalability for new integration use cases while ensuring operational uptime and compliance.

What Cleo Can Do for You: Customer Expectations

A connected business ecosystem can mean the difference between a growing, thriving company and one that is slowly bleeding out lost productivity and opportunities. Thousands of companies have put their faith in Cleo integration solutions to connect, secure, and automate data exchanges between a growing number of internal systems,  customers, partners, and suppliers.

Data Transformation: Impact to Business Growth

How can you be sure you are able to accept and quickly process any file – like EDI, spreadsheets, or flat files – from your trading partners? How can you be sure you are reliably in compliance with your customer’s SLAs, especially when they start sending new data formats? How can you be sure your operational workflows are as efficient as possible, and not inhibited by manual or slow data processing?

Modern Integration Powers Open Banking

Open Banking is a collaborative model in which financial data is shared through APIs between parties to deliver enhanced services to the consumer marketplace.

It’s an industry-changing initiative if each system in the banking value chain can be opened and the data can be governed. That’s why this digital banking revolution will be driven not necessarily by APIs but by broader B2B technology.

Consolidate Your Data Integration

Business inertia, over time, results in a collection of varied data integration technologies within a business. Meanwhile, as cloud, big data, and new secure protocols and standards proliferate, business finds itself redundantly supporting numerous data integration technologies as well as separately managing the underlying security, control, and governance. This paper discusses strategies and tactics to consolidate disparate integration technologies.

Case Management: Three Adaptive Architectures for Dynamic Customer Support

The case management methodology is a business framework that facilitates automated system-centric workflows, and ad hoc people-centric file movement in combination to address complex multi-tiered business processes in increasingly dynamic customer-facing support cases.

Building out a case management structure developed on the bedrock of an enterprise managed file transfer (MFT) system can help the enterprise achieve the seamless and secure flow of information to and from the customer.

Understanding the Total Cost of Ownership of Integration Solutions

TCO is an analysis to determine all of the lifetime costs associated with the ownership of a particular asset. The ownership of an asset entails not only the initial license purchase cost but also maintenance, deployment, hardware and software upgrades, and operating the same asset throughout the asset’s anticipated service life — or an arbitrary time horizon such as 5 or 10 years to simplify analysis.

Top Ten “Must Haves” of an Integration Solution

The list of available integration options is massive if you include point solutions, or those which address specific types of integration. Most companies are moving painfully toward a fully integrated solution by combining point solutions — and often stretching them past their limits. At some point it becomes obvious that a more comprehensive integration solution will not only streamline processes and simplify the maintenance burden, but will also assimilate and present accurate, timely information that cannot be obtained via a collection of point solutions.

Managed File Transfer as a Strategic Technology

Managed File Transfer requirements have evolved from tactical administration and security concerns to strategic concerns about governance, compliance, and authentication.

To address these concerns, a new class of strategic managed file transfer (MFT) solutions has emerged. These solutions integrate with enterprise applications while supporting cost-saving consolidation and enablement initiatives.

EDI Modernization: Five Decision Factors

EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) modernization refers to the process of extending business-to-business (B2B) integration and automation capabilities beyond classic EDI, in support of modern business requirements.

Modern B2B integration reflects changes in the way companies are connecting, automating business processes, and exchanging data. Its value lies in expanding integration capabilities while reducing the cost and complexity of partner onboarding and operations.

The Future of Managed File Transfer

The growth of any modern business demands an organizational managed file transfer presence to advance data flow and other IT processes.

So, for many companies, the question is inevitable: “How can we keep leveraging MFT solutions while we expand our business?” The answer lies in the company’s ability to use programmatic MFT solutions to scale modern services and applications.

Best Practices in Data Loss Prevention Deployment for MFT

Organizations have considerable amounts of sensitive information flowing in and out of their business, and many have implemented Data Loss Prevention processes to prevent this information from inadvertently leaving the organization.

This white paper offers an in-depth view of the relevant best practices for preventing data loss as part of a managed file transfer solution in your operation.

Connectivity in a Critical Protection (CIP) World

Increasingly, such monitoring and decisions are made thousands of miles away in remote or centralized monitoring centers. How do you securely connect all of these end-points?

Energy and process industries must continue to operate profitably while meeting the challenges of ever-increasing physical and cyber security needs.

This paper focuses on the best practices embodied in NERC cyber security regulations with respect to the implementation of data connectivity between remote industrial and generating assets, SCADA, ERP, data historians, EMS, work order systems, predictive diagnostic systems, Computerized Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS), asset monitoring centers, and other applications.

Rapid Cloud Enablement for Software Companies

Companies are moving to the cloud to consume the value of software solutions for a myriad of reasons, such as cost savings, quick implementation cycles, ease of use and accessibility, ease of maintenance and upgrades, better security, and high availability.

Software companies have less ability to lock-in pricing with SaaS than they do with expensive license software implementations.

Secure Data Exchange Protocols

Exchanging information across digital networks requires each party to speak the same data transport language. How many languages does your organization speak?

In information technology, protocols enable file transfers by outlining a standard procedure for regulating the data exchange between businesses. Protocols specify interactions between the communicating entities, and they can often be prescribed by industry or other standards.

Moving Big Data: Securely, Reliably, and Efficiently

Data is exploding around us. According to Harvard Business Review, we are creating 2.5 exabytes (billion gigabytes) of data every day. Every hour of that day, Walmart handles more than 1 million customer transactions and generates more than 2.5 petabytes (2560 terabytes) of data — the equivalent of 167 times the information contained in all the books in the US Library of Congress.

20 Questions to Ask an MFT Vendor

You owe it to your company and customers to have a firm understanding of your business data movement, especially when it comes time to explore modern managed file transfer (MFT) solutions.

Whether your company is looking for deployment on premise or in the cloud, you first need to get to know the MFT vendor and the technology to see if they mesh with your organizational needs.

10 MFT Considerations

Companies are struggling to harness the massive volumes of new data created every day from a multitude of new sources both internal and external to their organization. The objective is clear: Gain end-to-end visibility to what’s happening in and around the business, and determine new ways to improve operations while scaling technology to meet new business requirements.

Tungsten Network

With Cleo, Tungsten could quickly and easily add customers in a complete governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) environment, and it also was able to successfully meet customer SLAs, provide segregation of duties, and complete auditability. The result was a sizable increase in revenue.

See the Cleo Integration Cloud in Action

Discover the power of CIC! See for yourself why more than 7,000 organizations globally use Cleo to power their integration, lower TCO, and rapidly onboard new connections. Fill out the form and we will reach out to schedule your free live demo.


JDA sought Cleo’s single-platform solution to ensure reliable information integration while supporting all of JDA’s advanced secure communication protocols.

ICC Industries

Cleo Unify™, Cleo’s secure on-premise file sharing solution, delivered an easy-to navigate folder sharing to equip various departments with their required functionality.

Berk Enterprises

Berk discovered Cleo via its ERP company VAI, a longtime Cleo partner, and now uses the Cleo EEI™ and Cleo Clarify™ solutions for data transformation and B2B integration.

USA Truck

After evaluating several providers, USA Truck selected Cleo to better manage the company’s transaction load and ensure more efficient, secure communications across its trading partner network.

O’Rourke Sales Company

O’Rourke stood up the Cleo Clarify solution for X12 data transformation and the Cleo Harmony solution for secure, reliable data movement and visibility into all its information exchanges.

Dental Associates

Dental Associates chose the Cleo Integration Cloud™ to consolidate its communication and data transformation processes onto a single platform and support its burgeoning business.

ECi Software Solutions

Cleo’s scalability also was attractive to ECi, as the company aspires to grow by 10 percent year-over-year for the next few years and leverage Cleo’s MFT functionality with other partners

Excelled Sheepskin & Leather Coat Corporation

With Cleo’s stable communications platform and automation capabilities, Excelled can confidently process hundreds of thousands of files a year, including the 50,000 files that come in during Black Friday weekend alone.

nVision Global Technology Solutions

Today, nVision Global’s leading cloud-based platform is powered by the Cleo Integration Cloud™ (CIC), deploying the Cleo Harmonysup® solution for secure data movement and the Cleo Clarifysup™ solution for easy data transformation.

Trinidad Benham

With its growing EDI processes managed by a VAN and associated costs escalating (while support declined), Trinidad Benham sought a single-platform MFT and data transformation solution that could integrate with its own applications and complex supply chain, expedite partner onboarding, and deliver more control over its critical EDI workflows.


Octapharma found in Cleo a partner that delivered a reliable, cost-effective, and comprehensive business solution that will help the company continue to operate efficiently and within FDA compliance. And that means Octapharma can better help people all over the world receive the treatments they need to live better lives.

Saddle Creek Logistics Services

Saddle Creek Logistics replaced its legacy EDI systems with the Cleo Clarify™ solution and can expertly meet the diverse and challenging integration requirements of its customers, retailers, suppliers, transportation, and third-party integrators.

How One Logistics Provider Uses EDI Software to Deliver Faster Than Santa

When someone places an order online, especially around the holidays, whether it be a new video game for your nephew or a winter jacket for your significant other, it doesn’t matter where it’s coming from, just as long as it arrives on time. This requirement becomes exponentially more critical if you’re the business responsible for delivering these products on time.

Software Vendors

Customer expectations for high-quality solutions and services at less cost are growing, and software companies must adapt their existing offerings to meet those expectations. Organizations must effectively deploy their offerings in a SaaS or cloud environment to enrich business outcomes for their customers.

Software vendors, especially those providing data-centric and information services in the cloud, require agile integration solutions to quickly expand service capabilities and embrace fast-moving opportunities for any business.

SaaS Providers

As SaaS providers grow, it’s crucial to scale technology to give customers the ability to focus on their core business. Piecemealed integration processes with open-source components become burdensome for clients, diluting SaaS infrastructure and botching governance requirements. Optimized technological capabilities allow customers to take on data, information governance, and compliance burdens with confidence and advanced integration.

Governance and Control

Governance can no longer be an afterthought in today’s business world, as the cost of non-compliance is just too high. Too many organizations relying on legacy systems that don’t sufficiently deliver governance and control capabilities have custom-coded mechanisms to layer on top. However, this approach fails to meet modern data exchange requirements and is even more difficult to maintain.

FTP Replacement

Compliant exchange of data across your internal network, as well as with partners and customers outside the corporate walls, necessitates secure, reliable transfer solutions. But the traditional, unsophisticated FTP approach lacks control, reporting, and automation capabilities, and is difficult for IT teams to administer and secure. FTP workflows are also prone to errors and cannot scale well beyond a few connections.

File Sharing

In today’s digital world, businesses need to share all types and sizes of files with customers and partners through complex ecosystems. But too many companies use non-sanctioned, consumer-grade enterprise file synchronization and sharing (EFSS) tools to move company files, mixing in with personal data outside corporate firewalls and preventing tracking with less control of business data.

File Acceleration

Everyone needs to move data. But as more data is being created, and file sizes get larger, most companies aren’t equipped to efficiently move all data to internal systems, applications, and data lakes, and to their partners and customers.

The need for file acceleration is essential in the modern enterprise.


The modern enterprise competes by how fast it can connect and integrate with internal applications and their partners. Offering rapid and highly secure data exchanges only will increase the value of business relationships.

Cleo offers hundreds of pre-loaded connection configurations to make internal application and partner onboarding so much easier.

B2B Gateway

As companies conistantly add best-of-breed technologies to help drive business outcomes, integrating these systems becomes more complex to manage. This “spaghetti” infrustructure often slows down operational data flows, risks un-secure data exchanges and process errors, and drives up cost in maintenance and chargeback fees.

Cleo provides a complete and flexible integration solution to that simplifies complex integration processes, and enable companies to do more business faster.

Partner Onboarding

When it comes to EDI, delays in partner onboarding can put important sales opportunities at risk for logistics and supply chain companies, not to mention the accumulation of costly fines tied to chargebacks. Even worse, poorly managed EDI partner onboarding can jeopardize relationships with trading partners if data and standards aren’t implemented correctly.


Many legacy IT systems that have been responsible for ensuring data operational flows can meet desired business outcomes, no longer are capable of achieving connectivity requirements, and lack proper visibility into transaction statuses and activities. Migrating partner, system, and application integration processes to a modern solution is the answer, but for many businesses, concerns about high expense due to missed deadlines and errors stand in the way.

Ecosystem Enablement

Successful businesses never stop growing. It is the ability to easily connect with and engage your customers and trading partners that will set your organization apart. But with business growth comes all of the new trading partners, systems, and applications that need to be added to an already complex IT architecture.

Data Transformation

Modern organizations require effective enterprise data transformation to facilitate file exchange across differentiated business systems, knowing seamless integration between external and internal partners is vital. So, the inability for business systems to accept even a single file type can have far-reaching implications to growth and the bottom line.

Cleo’s any-to-any data transformation uses a single data map template sourced from existing integrations, so large volumes of B2B data quickly convert to meet target source format and data integration requirements.

Network Notification

Fax workflows today, still very much a critical component of business in a variety of industries, require a full document management strategy to ensure security and auditability for the entire information lifecycle. A secure network fax and communications solution bridges the gap between your systems and the important people in your business — your customers, team members, suppliers, partners, and more.


Multi-enterprise interaction continues to grow in today’s global business environment, and the processes for managing those relationships involve more than just communication among trading partners. They involve collaboration for the reliable execution of transactions.

Successful multi-enterprise commerce requires standardized processes and data, but what’s the best approach to exchanging files and messages between organizations?

Data Lakes

Organizations are discovering new methods to leverage big data, generating greater customer and business insight, and improving current operational processes. Managing file ingestion from a data lake into Hadoop and other big data ecosystems — and centrally governing the movement and format in the right sequence for the right purpose — delivers a unique competitive advantage.


Whether you are adding a SaaS solution to help drive business outcomes, moving large amounts of data into a cloud platform, or your business is a SaaS organization that thrives on delivering faster responses to customer requests, you rely on integration to make data flows work. Regardless of what kind of business you do, you need a scalable infrastructure to support any-to-any integration, data transformation, fast and secure file transfer, and end-to-end visibility of all data flowing throughout your dynamic ecosystem.


As more business outcomes need to be rapidly delivered, companies look to implement best-of-breed applications to help effectively manage cross-functional business processes. But with each newly implemented solution comes the challenge to integrate it with existing applications, to ensure critical information is exchanged, controlled, and visible.

Cleo simplifies the onboarding and integration of new connectors by providing a host of adapters, APIs, and wizards to easily build and manage end-to-end integrations between internal and partner systems.

Data Pipelines

Data process efficiency is the key to improving the operational health of your business, and delivering more value to your customers faster. But as more best-of-breed applications and cloud services are added to your technology stack, data sources may become siloed, making it difficult to share information, and causing operational latency.

Embedded Integration

Modern services and software solutions are moving from being on-premise to being deployed in cloud environments, and a whole new range of systems and services enabled by SaaS and cloud technologies are being offered to businesses.

SaaS organizations and the services and systems they offer are highly reliant on the ability to ingest data from the businesses they service, process the received data as part of a well-orchestrated and secure workflow, and provide responses in a way that is easily accessible to the businesses using those services.


Companies looking to reduce risk associated with data breaches and non-compliance must first consolidate integrations, and confirm all data exchanges are secure and auditable.

Cleo’s Managed File Transfer solutions centralize and govern all data moving throughout your business with the most rapid and secure protocols on the market.


With the introduction of new formats, communication methods, and application connections, business growth naturally pushes your EDI integration beyond the simple exchange of standard electronic documents. To ensure that you are able to take on more business and quickly respond to customer requests without disrupting current operations, you will need to modernize your EDI strategy.


How you integrate with internal systems, applications, partners, and customers will determine how fast your business will differentiate and grow. But integration processes, from connecting disparate data sources to ensuring data security to real-time tracking of data throughout its life cycle, can be easier to manage.

Whether you need to advance your business by employing comprehensive B2B integration, a flexible and scalable B2B gateway, or with easy systematic integration that automates application-to-application messaging, organizations require a reliable, modern solution to break the chains of legacy infrastructure.

B2B Integration Powers the Open Banking Revolution

Remember how annoying it used to be when you applied for a credit card? You’d receive some pre-qualified offer in the mail, and then call up a 1-800 number to give all your information. Then you would wait four to six weeks to find out whether you were approved.

What about the days before direct deposit, when you would manually deposit your hard-earned paycheck into your bank and hopefully the check would clear within a day or two?


No summary available

E-Commerce Tech Provider Moves Millions of Documents So Entrepreneurs Can Pursue Their Dreams

Launching a business is an incredibly difficult endeavor. But through all the blood, sweat, and tears, it’s the entrepreneurial spirit that so many successful businesses are built upon. And fortunately, there’s an e-commerce technology company that simplifies parts of the process.

ECi Software Solutions, which provides business and e-commerce solutions via the cloud and also on-premise technology, does exactly that.

Cleo a Staple for Packaging, Processing Company Requiring Better EDI Control

Beans, rice, and popcorn.

Look through any kitchen across the United States, and you’re bound to come across one, if not all, of those items. They are cupboard and pantry staples.

And Trinidad Benham Corp. has been providing those staples since 1917. The Denver-based merchandising, packaging, trading, and distribution company does private-label packaging for the items mentioned above and gourmet soup mixes as well as food contact products such as aluminum foil, plastic wrap, parchment papers, and wax papers.

Governance Still Drives Prioritized MFT and File Acceleration

Until now, file acceleration has been delivered as a one-off product. If you had to send a file fast, you would fire up a separate, proprietary high-speed file transfer product and send it through. While that specific accelerated file transfer may get done, companies are still tasked with reactively managing and monitoring other routine file transfers using another solution.

When High-Speed File Acceleration Enables the ‘Just in Time’ World

Moving large files is not a new concept in the business world, and high-speed file acceleration to do just that isn’t new either. But file acceleration has been very much limited to the media and entertainment industries, routinely serving the bulk of that industry’s file transfer workflows because of the massive media files to distribute around the world.

LSPediA Partners with Cleo to Secure, Integrate its Pharma Supply Chain Serialization Operations

ROCKFORD, Illinois – Cleo, the global leader in multi-enterprise information integration solutions, proudly announces a multi-year agreement with LSPediA LLC, a leading software and service provider for the pharmaceutical industry, to deliver complete and flexible B2B integration for supply chain serialization.

Prescription drug counterfeiting is a $75 billion global market, and countries all over the world have enacted demanding regulations to combat the growing epidemic that is compromised medication.

Cleo CEO Says Business Value Creation Now Occurs ‘At the Edge’

Complete and Flexible B2B Integration, B2B APIs Highlight Cleo Connect Customer Event

CHICAGO — Cleo, the global leader in multi-enterprise information integration solutions, hosted nearly 100 representatives from more than 50 companies at its annual Cleo Connect customer event Sept. 11-13 at Eaglewood Resort in Itasca, Illinois.

Knowledge Truly is Power with Real-Time B2B Integration

So many organizations today actively use multiple, disparate systems and applications to get routine business tasks done, but few of these solutions natively interact with each other because they were likely developed by different vendors and deployed at different times and for different use cases.

So how do you capture and operationalize the data within these systems to benefit your company?

Cleo Earns Drummond Certification for AS2 in 1Q17

ROCKFORD, Illinois — Drummond Group announced that Cleo, a leading provider of enterprise integration solutions, is one of nine global organizations whose AS2 software products have been Drummond Certified™ in the automated interoperability test event for the first quarter of 2017.

These particular tests certify the interoperability of AS2 for Version 5.4.1 of the Cleo Harmony®, Cleo VLTrader®, and Cleo LexiCom® solutions, which are part of the Cleo Integration Suite.

How to Understand Whether Your B2B Strategy Requires Managed Services

So many aspects of running a successful business hinge on the technology stack that’s powering the organization’s operational workflows. While innovative solutions are critical, they can become extremely complex and unwieldy as the business grows, and often consume too much time and effort.

The simple fact is, people don’t start businesses to become IT managers.

Cleo Achieves 5x Growth in 5 Years: Revenue, Employees, and Products

Increasing Demand for Advanced Digital Solutions to Solve Business Problems Driving the Software Company’s Rapid Expansion

ROCKFORD, Illinois — Cleo, whose B2B integration technologies and services enable tens of thousands of companies to deploy B2B solutions on premise, in the cloud, and as part of the cloud, announced today that it expects to expand its market footprint, fueled by the growth of cloud and the larger digital economy.

Cleo CEO Shares Perspective on the Future of Critical Business Information Integration at Software Growth Summit

ROCKFORD, Illinois — Cleo CEO Mahesh Rajasekharan, Ph.D., will be participating this week in the 2017 Private Internet & Software Growth Summit hosted by Cowen and Company, an investment and trading services group, at Wente Vineyards in Livermore, California.

Mahesh will present on Thursday, April 27, sharing thoughts on the future of critical business information integration and how Cleo, a global leader in managed file transfer and multi-enterprise integration solutions, strategically enhances data flows critical to B2B, application, cloud, and big data integration.

When You Can’t Do Business with the New Business You Just Landed

It’s an exciting time for your company! Your business has caught on in a big way and generated a lot of positive momentum, leading you to expand operations, further invest in people and partners, and sign on new customers every day. It’s time to start making new money.

But what happens when you open business with them and can’t automatically accept their first purchase order because your ERP system doesn’t accept EDI docs?

‘Extremely Easy to Use’: Customer Finds Not All AS2 is Created Equal

Ever switched phone companies before? Maybe you and your family moved to a new neighborhood or bounced around among AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, and others looking for the best deals on cellphone plans, but you wanted to keep your respective telephone numbers.

When consumers want to switch service carriers but also want to keep their current phone number, companies can port the number over, most commonly from landline to landline, landline to mobile, mobile to landline, and mobile to mobile.

New Cleo Headquarters Designed for ‘Community,’ Innovation

The Rockford Register Star newspaper recently wrote a story covering the growth of Cleo and its new headquarters in Rockford.

Driving the rapid growth of Cleo, a thriving managed file transfer and integration software company founded in 1976, are the growing need for agile software solutions in today’s global digital economy and Cleo’s investment in products and people to meet those needs.

The Quest for True B2B Amid the Allure of All Things Cloud

This is Part 2 of a three-part blog series in which Cleo CEO Mahesh Rajasekharan explores the pros and cons of iPaaS integration and why its B2B capabilities fall short in a time where organizations need expanded B2B integration more than ever. Part 1 cautions buyers to be wary of “diet B2B.”

The evolution of information exchange and business integration means these once manual, analog processes have become much more automated, programmable, and predictable.

Beware of ‘Diet B2B’ When the Recipe Calls for Full-Flavored B2B Integration

This is Part 1 of a three-part blog series in which Cleo CEO Mahesh Rajasekharan explores the pros and cons of iPaaS integration and why its B2B capabilities fall short in a time where organizations need expanded B2B integration more than ever.

We recently happened to stumble upon a 2015 blog post from Gartner analyst Benoit Lheureux, who talks through an answer to his own interesting question: Why do so many businesses depend on B2B networks in the age of APIs?

Let Cleo Manage Your B2B Integration in the Cloud

There is a B2B renaissance happening, and you’re probably already aware of it.

As companies grow, so do the volumes of data being generated and the complexity of new integration requirements. How do you improve data process efficiency to accelerate collaboration without disrupting current operations? How do you ensure new customers can submit an order and get confirmation on Day One? 

Cleo Connect 2018

Cleo Connect is a chance for customers to collaborate with peers and Cleo integration experts to share best practices and tips for meeting emerging integration requirements.

During this event, you will learn about features in the latest Cleo software updates, insights on scaling integration use cases, and get a sneak peak of the future of the Cleo Integration Cloud and how it will enhance the way you do business.

Cleo CEO, CTO to Share Big Data Production Implementation Tips at Annual Symposium

DETROIT, Michigan — Cleo, a global leader in managed file transfer and multi-enterprise integration solutions, returns to Detroit this week to sponsor and speak at the 2017 Big Data & Business Analytics symposium at Wayne State University.

The annual event, which is hosted by Wayne State’s Big Data & Business Analytics Group and runs Thursday and Friday, March 23 and 24, brings together industry experts to exchange insights on big data strategies and best practices to drive business growth.

Cleo Managed Services

Flexible, scalable managed services eliminate the frustrations of manual integration errors, slow response times, and costly pricing models.

Professional Services

Cleo’s team of experts provide a proven best-practices methodology to help you navigate implementation options and deliver the right solution for your integration project.


Cleo’s commitment to serving its great customers and partners extends beyond the sale and throughout the life of your solution, because our promise to accelerate time to value and elevate the way you do business … never stops.

Drummond Group Certifies Cleo Software in 4Q16 ebMS Testing

Drummond Group LLC, the trusted leader in interoperability software testing, announces the completion of its ebMS-4Q16 interoperability test event in which Cleo solutions are Drummond Certified™. Cleo’s ebMS 2.0 products are globally utilized in several industries, including automotive, financial services, government, healthcare and retail. This is the 16th year of ebMS 2.0 interoperability testing.

What All Companies Should Know About Their B2B Integration Technology

What does it really mean to connect to people and systems that you can’t control, like your partners and customers? And could you actually gain back that control and maintain security and compliance over your business data?

Cleo’s Jim Albright and Frank Kenney, a leading expert in business integration technologies and former Gartner analyst, talk about how a B2B approach to your integration strategy will provide the control, security, and compliance, but also the scalability to take on new integration use cases and deliver faster and more secure data processing and monitoring.

TMW Systems Named Partner of the Year by Cleo

CLEVELAND, Ohio — TMW Systems has been named Partner of the Year by Cleo, a provider of B2B integration software and services to trucking industry customers. As a Cleo partner, TMW has developed an integration application with pre-configured electronic data interchange (EDI) transactions into its comprehensive TMWSuite® and TruckMate® transportation management software solutions.

How a Global E-Invoicing Powerhouse Delivered Maximum Uptime to Customers

A 2016 Billentis market report estimates more than 370 billion electronic invoices will be transmitted around the globe this year alone. And with complex mandates varying by region, by country, and even by city, e-invoicing is never a one-size-fits-all solution. The complexity required for meeting every compliance mandate while easily facilitating such a critical business process cannot be understated.

Cleo Successfully Completes Drummond AS3 Certification

LOVES PARK, Illinois — Drummond Group announced that Cleo, a leading provider of enterprise integration solutions, has successfully completed the latest round of the Drummond AS3 Interoperability certification tests that are held in the first quarter of each year.

These particular tests certify the interoperability of AS3 for Version 5.4 of the Cleo Harmony®, Cleo VLTrader®, and Cleo LexiCom® solutions, which are part of the Cleo Integration Suite.

Cleo Named One of Food Logistics’ Top Software and Technology Providers

LOVES PARK, Illinois — Cleo, a global leader in managed file transfer and multi-enterprise integration solutions, was named to Food Logistics’ 2016 FL100+ Top Software and Technology Providers list.

Food Logistics is the only publication exclusively dedicated to covering the movement of product through the global food supply chain, and the FL100+ Top Software and Technology Providers list serves as a resource guide of software and technology providers, including Cleo, whose products and services are critical for companies within the food and beverage supply chain.

Cleo Welcomes Mark Seaman as Vice President of Channels

LOVES PARK, Illinois — Cleo, a global leader in data movement and enterprise integration solutions, proudly announces that Mark Seaman has joined the company as the vice president of channels, leading channel sales strategy and market expansion in North America and EMEA.

With more than 20 years of experience in building and leading successful channel sales teams in managed file transfer, integration, backup and disaster recovery, and file sharing and collaboration solutions, Mark will be charged with expanding the Cleo Partner Program and executing Cleo’s channel distribution strategy to enable customer success and increase Cleo value delivery through a global partner network.

Cleo Solutions Earn Drummond AS2 Certification in 3Q16

Drummond Group announced today that 18 AS2 software products representing 13 global organizations have been Drummond Certified™ in the AS2-3Q16 automated interoperability test event.

AS2 software products from the following companies successfully passed this year’s third quarter interoperability testing of the AS2 RFC specification: Axway, Cleo, Dell Boomi, E2open, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, IBM, Intec Inc., Liaison, Linoma Software, Lobster GmbH, Microsoft, OpenText, and RSSBus.

The Hybrid Integration Advantage in Trucking, Logistics Industries

The rise of technology to securely and reliably exchange critical business information in the transportation and trucking industry continues as the explosion of digital data vastly changes the way companies do business, but the characteristics of this technology – and how it’s delivered – also are taking on new forms.

Integration Innovation Takes Center Stage at Cleo Customer Summit

This week Cleo hosts its an important customer summit in Chicago for industry IT leaders and Cleo experts to collaborate the future of integration innovation. The main goal: Collaborate and carve a path for how organizations can best meet emerging integration requirements that support modern business objectives.

The two-day customer advisory event brings together Cleo executives, advisers, and most importantly, customers, who will jointly participate in shaping how companies will continue to embrace integration technology as a strategy for digital business transformation.

The Future of Integration Innovation Takes Center Stage at Cleo Customer Advisory Event

CHICAGO — Cleo, a global leader in data movement and enterprise integration solutions, this week hosts its Cleo:Connect customer summit in Chicago for industry IT leaders and Cleo experts to collaborate on best practices for meeting emerging integration requirements that support modern business objectives.

The two-day customer advisory event Oct 25 and 26 brings together Cleo executives, advisers, and most importantly, customers, who will jointly participate in shaping how companies continue to deploy integration technology as a strategy for embracing digital business transformation, meeting customer requirements faster, and adopting cloud and big data solutions.

Cleo CEO to Discuss Enabling Digital Transformation through ‘Frictionless’ Integration at CIO Marathon

LOVES PARK, Illinois — The Consortium of Information Systems Executives (CISE) Education Fund is holding its annual CIO Marathon on Thursday, Oct. 20, in San Jose, and Cleo CEO Mahesh Rajasekharan, Ph.D., will address the delegation on the changing forces of enterprise integration and how modern companies are addressing these forces to fully embrace today’s digital business transformation.

How to Practice Modern EDI Integration

On Thursday, Sept. 29, Cleo CEO Mahesh Rajasekharan, Ph.D., will be a guest speaker on the International Warehouse Logistics Association (IWLA) EDI panel to discuss best practices and innovative solutions for improving warehouse EDI integration.

The panel is part of the 2016 Technology & Operations Solutions for Warehousing Conference in Pittsburgh, which features interactive educational opportunities and a vendor exposition where attendees can learn about the latest products and services for warehouse technology and operations professionals, including EDI integration technology.

Cleo EEI™

Companies today need integration tools that are reliable and easily manageable to handle their critical business data. Cleo EEI™, the only native IBM System i EDI integrator that is 100% supported, provides companies the automation, reporting and performance they need to manage internal and external data transactions.

Cleo EEI includes a rich set of runtime functions and design-time aids, designed to rapidly deploy new trading partners, quickly identify errors, monitor system activity and manage daily operations more efficiently.

Stanley Stec Joins Cleo as Vice President of Finance

LOVES PARK, Illinois — Cleo announced today that Stanley Stec joins the company as its vice president of finance, leading corporate finance for this innovative software company that provides dynamic integration, big data integration, and secure file sharing solutions.

A strategic finance leader with a demonstrated record of supporting rapid growth at public, private, and PE/VC-backed companies, Stec’s background includes deep experience in financial management for global enterprise and SaaS software, technology, and financial services organizations.

3 Reasons to Migrate Off Connect:Enterprise Using Cleo

The announced end of life for IBM Sterling Connect:Enterprise went into effect in April of this year, which means IBM support for the solution stopped months ago. Yet, a number of customers and prospects we talk to are still grappling with how to proceed forward with something that’s crucial to their daily B2B transactions.

Check the Rearview: Why Managed File Transfer is Key to Your Modern Integration Efforts

Cleo recently hosted a highly informative webinar with independent consultant, managed file transfer expert, and former Gartner analyst Frank Kenney. In the webinar, titled “Prepare for the Future of Managed File Transfer,” Mr. Kenney, along with Cleo CTO John Thielens, discuss the continuing importance of managed file transfer today, and the ongoing relevance this foundational component of enterprise technology has to solve information-centric use cases surrounding data movement and integration, including big data and IoT.

Genomic Data Private Cloud

When your business centers on the improvement of human health, the surefire transmission of genomic research data is mission critical. Adopting optimal integration technology that allows your team members to securely and easily use the cloud for storage and processing is key to improving efficiencies across the entire life sciences value chain and the complete pharmaceutical development lifecycle.

Community Management

The globalization of interconnected life sciences, pharmaceutical research, and medical production signifies a vast increase in the complexity of the digital ecosystem. More connections, more protocols, and more formats are putting pressure on biotech organizations to adopt next-generation B2B technology to facilitate dynamic integration, helping to effectively and efficiently control and manage growing trading partner communities while maintaining strict compliance with stringent industry regulations.

eSubmissions Gateway

For life sciences, medical device manufactures, and pharmaceutical firms, innovation is pivotal to growth and competitive differentiation. But gaining an edge can’t come at the cost of compliance. These organizations require the capacity to securely and efficiently submit regulatory data to compliance organizations across enterprise and geographic boundaries. Deploying an advanced eSubmissions Gateway facilitates efficient and cost-effective collaboration with all industry regulators.

Forrester Analyst Joins Cleo for Presentation on the Data Integration Journey

LOVES PARK, Illinois — Cleo, a leading provider of data integration solutions, and Forrester Research, an independent U.S. technology and research company, join to present an interactive discussion Tuesday, April 26, on strategies for solving expanding integration use patterns in modern business ecosystems.

“The Integration Journey,” which begins at 11 a.m.

Software as a Service (SaaS)

Don’t let the competition dictate your vertical market value

As a SaaS provider, it’s important to optimize the technological capabilities that allow your customers to focus on what matters to them — their business. Take on the data, information governance, and compliance burdens of your clients with the confidence of advanced integration.

Data-Centric and Information Services

As a data-centric and information service provider, you develop and provision services that enrich business outcomes for customers. By enabling access to data in real time, you are able to produce measurable growth-oriented results foundational to your customers’ businesses. Agile integration solutions can help you quickly expand platform service capabilities and utilize fast-moving growth opportunities for your business.


The anatomy of a retail breach shows that sensitive data, no matter the size or prowess of the company, are potentially susceptible. The strength of your informational security is directly proportional to the weakest electronic link connecting stores, suppliers, distributers, financial partners, and logistics providers. Whether you sell electronics, apparel, groceries, or cars – protecting your brand starts with the assurance that your entire digital supply chain is secure.


Worldwide B2C and B2B e-commerce are booming. And whether you’re a pure-play e-commerce or a traditional brick-and-mortar retailer with a burgeoning online presence, your ability to push logistical speed is what facilitates the expansion of your business and your brand. To stand out in the expansive competitive battleground and deliver exceptional customer service, you require a superior integration capacity.

Life Science, Medical, and Pharmaceuticals

Companies in this space have to collaborate across broadly dispersed geographies. Business information systems need to operate seamlessly in diverse and complex ecosystems. In order to ensure their value chain operates at optimal efficiency, companies must support high-speed collaboration for drug discovery/research, clinical and pre-clinical trials, manufacturing operations, marketing/sales, and ultimately supply chain distribution.


Increasingly, the adoption of advanced technology is being used to boost competitive advantage in industrial manufacturing, especially when it comes to one of the most important challenges facing manufacturers today — data. Cleo’s game-changing B2B, application integration, file sharing, extreme file transfer, and big data integration solutions optimize your multi-enterprise distributed data management, movement and digital business processes all on a single platform.

High Tech

As a high-tech organization, you exist on the cutting edge of innovation. Smart sensors are embedded at virtually every level of production, and additive manufacturing is reshaping the way products are conceived, designed, and fabricated. Here, data is an omnipresent reality. And although the explosion of informational origin, file types and formats, flow volumes, and distribution of digital assets present a multifaceted challenge to even the most technologically capable corporations, data also represents unlimited potential.


While your value chain may extend from the granary to the grocery aisle, your digital supply chain starts on the ground and ends up in the cloud. With no margin for error when it comes to producing goods, or protecting mission-critical information, CPG manufacturers are looking for future-proofed integration technology to help their companies advance with insight and an edge.


There is a renaissance in automotive manufacturing where incredible innovation is giving rise to new and acute data-related challenges. As an automotive manufacturer, being able to effectively and efficiently access, move, and manage data sets your organization ahead of the competition. The creation of data-driven intelligence involves integrating with the right technology.

Global Shipping and Ports

The worldwide shipping industry contributes USD $400 billion annually — equivalent to 5% of the global economy. These numbers are impressive, yet market turbulence subjects merchant shipping enterprises to the rough seas of extreme demand fluctuation. Complicating matters further are the well-established customs regulations, and the rapidly increasing number of nation-centric digital data privacy laws.

Third Party Logistics and Supply Chain Management

Customers come to you in part because the globalization of their supply chain has altered the topography of doing business. Big data, enhanced sensors, and even the eventuality of driverless vehicles are similarly altering the information and data landscape where your company operates. The growth of complexity in modern logistics represents a greater challenge to operational efficiency and calls for more than a purely tactical approach to demand management.


To facilitate modern electronic compliance in the highly regulated securities and brokerage industries, organizations require advanced integration technology designed to streamline complex data exchanges across dispersed trading systems. Institutions dealing in asset and collateral management, hedge funds, securities trading, and settlements require pervasive multichannel integration solutions. And the accelerated flow of mission-critical information made possible by Cleo helps build the predictive insight to limit risk and stay ahead of market volatility.


Global payment enterprises are facing a new frontier of industry-wide disruption driven in part by cashless society initiatives. To maintain scalable growth, in the face of unprecedented transactional volume and the need for efficient straight-through processing, the convergence of advanced technological capabilities with a flexible capacity to process and integrate massive flows of financial data is mandatory.


Innovation drives the insurance industry at an increasing rate. Adjusters require immediate real-time insight into policy holder, prospect, and claims data in-flight across the multi-enterprise ecosystem. On the other hand, some meaningful data is long-term data. New strategies leverage big data analytics that transform your view of the customer and drive greater revenue.


Broadly applicable standards and specific financial regulations impact both your business and the bottom line. Mitigating the risk of violation relies on the certain ability to integrate and track data and secure the surefire exchange of information along the entire financial supply chain. Consolidating your integration fulfillment with a single-platform enterprise integration suite ensures you have a flexible, highly secure, and reliable solution that more cost effectively delivers and protects the sensitive data that fuels your company.

‘Big Data is Big News’

The “big data bang” of modern-day business has brought bigger data, larger files, and more complex challenges in moving data, and that has led to some tremendous innovation in securing and delivering that information.

Cleo recently attended the 2016 Big Data Analytics Europe event in Amsterdam, and Todd Enneking, Cleo’s vice president of enterprise accounts for EMEA, talked about the need for connecting and accelerating the movement of data, especially in big-data analytics initiatives, to get critical information faster and enable better, quicker decision-making.

Cleo Acquires EXTOL

LOVES PARK, Illinois — Cleo, to further strengthen its Cleo Integration Suite, today announces the acquisition of EXTOL International, a U.S. company providing leading data transformation and software integration solutions. Terms of the deal were not disclosed.

EXTOL, based in Pottsville, Pa., was founded in 1989 and delivers integration, automated any-to-any data transformation, and data workflow orchestration solutions to meet customers’ evolving business data integration requirements.

Cleo Streem® Fax™

Traditional faxing with standalone fax machines is fraught with challenges. Management of a large number of these devices is cumbersome and carries a high expense for the phone lines and paper each one requires. Additionally, these devices cannot be secured, allowing anybody to fax documents outside the organization. Further, it’s impossible to restrict the fax destinations even if the devices themselves are isolated from unauthorized usage.

Cleo Streem® Notify™

Reach people on the go with interactive voice, email, and text messaging

Timely business communication is critical. Messages need to get in the right hands at the right time. Failing to do so can cost time and money. But when your audience is on the move, how do you stay in touch?

Cleo CEO, CTO to Discuss Big Data Deployment Strategy at Annual Symposium

LOVES PARK, Illinois — Cleo, a leading provider of enterprise managed file transfer and enterprise integration solutions, will sponsor and speak at the 2016 Big Data & Business Analytics symposium at Wayne State University in Detroit, Mich.

Wayne State’s Big Data & Business Analytics Group hosts the annual event, which runs March 23 and 24 on the Detroit campus, to bring together expert industry practitioners to exchange ideas and insights, and share these concepts with big data professionals.

How Do You Secure Your Paper in this Digital World?

The recent CIO Magazine article “Why Paper Still Rules the Enterprise” provides some deep truths about businesses today: Paper is still very much an integral part of many workflows, and certain employees, depending on their job function, still print hundreds of pages each month.

The security and chain of custody concerning some of these documents, especially when it comes to legal and medical varieties, can send shivers up the spine of any compliance department.

Cleo Integration Cloud™

The Cleo Integration Cloud (CIC) platform provides self-service and managed services experiences for business and technical users to build, control, and monitor any multi-enterprise (B2B), application (A2A), cloud integration, and data lake ingestion process. CIC shields users from the complexity of integration activities so you can more easily manage and track real-time data transactions across all of your internal information sources, partners, and consumers.

Drummond Group Announces ebMS 2.0 Certification for Cleo Solutions

LOVES PARK, Illinois – Cleo announces today that it completed the Drummond Group LLC ebMS-4Q15 interoperability test event to become a Drummond Certified™ solution.

These particular tests certify the interoperability of ebMS 2.0 for the Cleo Harmony®, Cleo VLTrader®, and Cleo LexiCom® solutions, which are part of the Cleo Integration Suite, and are used around the world in such industries as automotive, financial services, government, healthcare, and retail.

Drummond Certifies Cleo Solutions for AS3 in 1Q16

LOVES PARK, Illinois — Drummond Group announced that Cleo, a leading provider of managed file transfer and enterprise integration solutions, has successfully completed the latest round of the Drummond AS3 Interoperability certification tests that are held in the first quarter of each year.

These particular tests certify the interoperability of AS3 for Version 5.3 of the Cleo Harmony®, Cleo VLTrader®, and Cleo LexiCom® solutions, which are part of the Cleo Integration Suite.

Cleo to Showcase Next-Generation Big Data Gateway Solutions at Big Data Analytics Europe

AMSTERDAM, Netherlands — Cleo, a leading provider of enterprise data integration solutions, will sponsor and exhibit at the 2016 Big Data Analytics Europe event presented by Whitehall Media on 22 March in Amsterdam.

Businesses are gathering more data faster than ever before, and the Big Data Analytics Europe forum provides insight on how to integrate, manage, and govern big data, with an emphasis on real-life implementation.

Ken Lyons Joins Cleo as Vice President of Enterprise Sales

LOVES PARK, IL — Cleo, a leading provider of enterprise data integration solutions, announced today that Ken Lyons has joined Cleo as vice president of enterprise sales, leading sales strategy and market expansion in North America.

With more than 15 years of experience in building and leading successful enterprise sales teams, Lyons’ expertise spans cybersecurity, managed file transfer, B2B file exchange, and data integration solutions.

‘A Whole New Generation of File Transfer, Data Integration Gateways’

Dave Brunswick joined Cleo in July 2015 as vice president of solutions for North America, charged with leading pre-sales and implementing data integration solutions to support all our sales teams in North America. With more than 25 years of experience in technical sales, pre-sales, technology strategy, engineering product management, and product development, Dave has deep expertise in secure data integration technologies.

Behind That Turkey is a Whole Lot of Secure Data Movement

Cleo’s Senior Director of Product Marketing Paul Lavery wrote a feature ahead of Thanksgiving on the digital magic that happens with the production, supply chain, and everything in between to get those turkeys to millions of fall-festooned tables across the United States.

For every turkey that’s on the move in one direction through the supply chain, electronic data is moving back and forth between companies and certainly within each enterprise as well.

IoTurkeys and Bobbing for Digital Apples

Since 1989, during the National Thanksgiving Turkey Presentation a presidential pardon is granted to a lucky bird or two. The young tradition, with its earliest roots going back to Truman era in the late 1940s, is now a fixture of the American holiday and a mainstay festive spot in the news cycle year after year.

Cleo Expert Discusses Best Practices for Disaster Recovery on

Jeremy Quittner of recently wrote about how environmental disasters related to climate change are on the rise and how business owners across the country should prepare for the sometimes catastrophic effects.

A good disaster recovery plan in the age of digital business involves a lot more than a few insurance policies and a contingency plan for your employees to work from another location.

Why You Need a Big Data Gateway

What’s a big data gateway, and why are people talking about it?

In a nutshell, these information gateways are “purpose-built systems” whose core functions are secure data transfers, robust scalability, and the ability to connect to all types of storage repositories (Hadoop, NoSQL, etc.).

The modern big data gateway solves the security, access, and scalability challenges of the widely popular data lakes, which capture less structured data for use at a later time by a variety of users.

Secure Data Movement Key to Business Continuity

Paul Lavery, Cleo’s senior director of product marketing, recently contributed an article to Data Center Post about how secure data movement is key to surviving a business disaster.

What is protecting vital business data assets from a potential disaster? And what is the process to salvage and deliver key business data to disaster recovery centers before any outage occurs?

Fast-Forward to the Next Generation of B2B Gateway Technology

In the world of business-to-business integration, generations of products don’t really evolve as much as they accumulate. There comes a time when every organization must assess whether its collection of legacy solutions still provide benefit, or are just in the way. Technology can hold up well for its original purpose, but is it a singular benefit?

Jumping Through Hoops for Data in Motion

(noun) The state of being protected against the criminal or unauthorized use of electronic data, or the measures taken to achieve this

Oftentimes routine use of data becomes commonplace. What is standard practice can at times create a false sense of security.

Cleo Leadership Shares Vision to Simplify Data Integration and Change How Companies Do Business

Company experiences tripled revenue growth, poised for success to respond to changing marketplace demands for intuitive, enterprise data movement technology

Loves Park, IL – Cleo, a leading provider of best-in-class end-to-end enterprise data integration, secure managed file transfer and collaboration solutions, announced today tripled revenue growth in the last three years, a milestone the company attributes to prolific leadership as well as a strong investment in research and development.

How Are You Storing Your Big Data?

Because of increased data volumes and variety, current data architecture are evolving beyond traditional databases, especially given the demand for modern big-data analytics in many aspects of an organization.

Sure, data stores, data warehouses, and other tools are widely popular, but there’s been increased demand for the risk-reward repository known as a data lake.

A Quick Dive into the Data Lake

There’s a lot of hype surrounding the data lake, especially in this age of big data and big-data analytics. But what exactly is the data lake, and how is it beneficial?

Author Arthur Cole of IT Business Edge recently wrote about how many companies are weighing the need to deploy big infrastructure to handle the big-data load.

The Data Storage Game Has Changed

The promise of unique business insights and greater insight into operations might be the flagship reason organizations are turning to Hadoop and other big data-related projects. One matter of debate is storage.

So what’s the hot topic in the data storage game? Data lakes. Stagnant information flows undoubtedly create more of a data swamp, so there are some things to understand before jumping head-first into the data lake business.

Cleo CEO Mahesh Rajasekharan: Why You Need High-Speed Data Transfer Now

India software publication ChannelWorld recently tapped Cleo CEO Mahesh Rajasekharan for his expertise on the changing landscape of data integration and managed file transfer, and the trends for enterprise-wide management of mission-critical business data.

Today’s data explosion and the subsequent compliance mandates warrant new methodologies for completing traditional business functions, and Cleo has focused on delivering a comprehensive business data integration platform that unites cloud, big data, data transformation, human collaboration, file sharing, and high-speed transfer to meet those needs.

Cleo’s India ‘Center of Innovation’ in the News

IT Voice magazine recently posted a story about Cleo’s newly opened Center of Innovation at Bengaluru, India, describing Cleo’s continuous reinvestment into its industry-leading products.

The product team at Center of Innovation will play a huge role in developing competitive products for the global marketplace, creating innovative technology solutions that address a wide array of enterprise integration software needs.

Cleo Streem® Faxblade™ Solution Introduced for Small Businesses

LOVES PARK, IL — Cleo, a leading provider of enterprise data integration and interactive engagement solutions, in keeping with Cleo’s deep expertise in managing and moving the world’s business data, proudly announces the release of its Cleo Streem® Faxblade™ solution.

Cleo Streem Faxblade, an on-premise turnkey solution for sending and receiving information via secure fax, packages much of the unique value of the trusted Cleo Streem® interactive engagement solution into a smaller format designed specifically for small businesses.

From Big to BIG: The Shifting Big Data Landscape

How the so-called data explosion means rethinking data infrastructure

“Knowledge is power. Information is liberating.” — Kofi Annan

Central to the premise of big data is the idea that data, which includes an exceptional growth in its variety of forms, can be transformed into information that is coherent, usable, and useful to companies: Information empowers a business with knowledge so human intelligence can determine the how and when to act.

Cleo Introduces Its High-Speed Data Transfer Solution, Cleo Jetsonic™

LOVES PARK, IL — Cleo, a leading provider of enterprise data integration solutions, in keeping with Cleo’s leadership, innovation, and deep expertise in moving the world’s business data, proudly announces the release of its state-of-the-art high-speed transfer solution, Cleo Jetsonic™.

This cutting-edge high-speed data transfer solution addresses a growing need for fast, reliable large-file delivery and acknowledgements, which keep companies competitive in a modern business world thriving in more digitized business processes.

Cleo Jetsonic®

In today’s business, as the size of data increases for all communications with customers and suppliers, as well as internal systems, the need for a high-speed file transfer solution becomes ever more important. Businesses are using traditional protocols over high-latency networks or still shipping physical devices to transfer high data volumes.

For Providers

Healthcare providers need to exchange large amounts of data while complying with inescapable industry and government regulations, including HIPAA, Meaningful Use, and the Final Omnibus Rule. Without pervasive integration capabilities, providers risk millions in dollars in fines for breaches that may expose Patient Health Information (PHI) or Personally Identifiable Information (PII).

For Payers

Payers must be able to share electronic information with a variety of ecosystems in a cost-efficient manner, while maintaining strict security to ensure compliance with stringent financial and healthcare regulatory requirements. To support the exchange of enrollment and payment information with Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs), payers must adopt a comprehensive integration technology to help ensure expansive compliance requirements that apply to data privacy, residency, and transfer.

For Pharmaceuticals, Life Sciences, and Biotech

Companies in this space have to collaborate across diverse and complex ecosystems in order to ensure their value chain operates at optimal efficiency. Companies must support collaboration for drug discovery/research, clinical and pre-clinical trials, manufacturing operations, marketing/sales, and ultimately supply chain distribution. And each function requires collaboration that includes the exchange of large amounts of data in a secure and compliant fashion.

Cleo Continues Company, Product Expansion

LOVES PARK, IL — Cleo, a leading provider of enterprise data integration solutions, proudly announces the continued staff and product expansion of its business.

Posting 30% business growth year-over-year and rapidly gaining market share in the data integration space around the world, Cleo has firmly established itself as a top-tier solutions provider.

Cleo Named One of 20 Most Promising Enterprise Software Providers

LOVES PARK, IL — Cleo, a leading provider of enterprise data integration solutions, recently was featured by the magazine siliconindia as one of 20 Most Promising Enterprise Software Providers for 2015.

As one of the featured companies “leading the way in enterprise technology,” Cleo demonstrates “an exceptional capability to outperform their competitors in the field of innovation.” This recognition comes at a relevant time, according to the siliconindia article, with Gartner estimating that global spending for enterprise software in 2015 will be $337.2 billion, up 6.4% from the previous year.

Cleo Recertified for AS3, ebMS Interoperability by Drummond Group

LOVES PARK, IL — Cleo, a leading provider of information integration solutions, announced today that it has successfully completed Drummond Group’s ebMS 2.0 interoperability testing in the fourth quarter of 2014 and for AS3 interoperability certification for the first quarter of 2015.

These particular tests certify versions 5.1 of Cleo’s secure data integration product family, including Cleo Harmony™, Cleo VLTrader®, and Cleo LexiCom® products.

Data as a Business Disruptor, for Better or Worse

Disrupt! It’s a word we hear all the time. This new widget or that newfangled technology is disrupting an industry that’s never seen such disruption. It’s easy to suggest the term “disrupting” is getting rather disruptive, but it’s important to know how and when something can radically change a business.

The Evolution of Cleo and History in the Making

Cleo has come a long way since its founding in 1976. Pull up a chair and listen to how an innovative hardware communications company evolved to be the leading business data integration software company that it is today.

In the Beginning

Cleo originally began as a division of Phone 1 Inc., a “voice data gathering systems” hardware manufacturer, and built data concentrators and terminal emulators — multi-bus computers, modems, and terminals to interface with IBM mainframes via bisynchronous communications.

Cleo Clarify™

Companies need robust data integration in order to drive their business. But keeping up with the constantly growing number of data formats required to support the business has become a monumental task. When IT cannot support a data format, it risks becoming a roadblock. What if you could say yes, we can support that — and then just make it happen?

SaaS Integration Technology That Just Works

You can hear all the great things about Cleo’s leading integration and managed file transfer technology from us, but we’d prefer you hear them right from our customers.

John Frazier, vice president of cloud services for JDA Software, presented “Multi-Enterprise Data Integration: Massively Scaled and Highly Available” at the December 2014 Gartner Application Architecture, Development & Integration Summit at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas.

The Bar is Raised on Secure File Sharing for Business

We here at Cleo world headquarters know that secure data movement in the workplace is more important than ever. Costly data breaches, fines for operating out of compliance, and other data protection mandates constantly threaten companies’ bottom lines and their brands.

And that’s why the latest releases of our secure file sharing and secure messaging solutions, Cleo Unify™ and Cleo Trust™, have been specifically designed to deliver the super-easy-to-use file sharing and collaboration tools your business users need, but also with the enterprise IT security capabilities you require.

Future-Proof Your Business Data Integration

Today’s IT department has a more difficult job than ever in trying to support data flows and the integration strategies necessary to drive business while also adhering to strict compliance requirements. The expectation is that technology and its design, in the “Age of the Customer,” will facilitate 100% uptime for all current and future business uses while always being “up to code” with IT.

New Cleo File Sharing Software Empowers the Citizen Integrator

LOVES PARK, Illinois — Cleo, an industry leader in information integration and interactive engagement solutions, is proud to announce Version 2.2 of its Cleo Unify™ software, which provides secure file sharing, and Version 2.2 of its Cleo Trust™ software, a secure messaging solution.

The Cleo Unify and Cleo Trust solutions enable companies to securely share files of all sizes internally and externally, while providing the visibility and governance needed to control mission-critical data in accordance with corporate, industry, and governmental compliance requirements.

Cleo’s Alert Technology Wrangles up a Happy Customer

Stop me if you’ve heard this before:

You’ve got extremely important information and hundreds of employees, customers, and partners who need to receive that information as quickly as possible. Like, right now. The fact is, they’re spread out all over the country, and calling or texting each of them is not a possibility.

Snapchat Leak: When 3rd Parties Drag Down the Real Party

Third parties are bringing extra guests to the party, and it’s sending security shivers through a major social-sharing community as news of a major data leak circulated this past week.

Hundreds of thousands of photos and videos taken via the popular Snapchat social sharing app have turned up on Internet forums, and it’s been dubbed “The Snappening.” So why does it get a fancy nickname?

Secure AS2 Protocol

As an extension of our legacy as a leader in data communication solutions, Cleo was an AS2 pioneer. Cleo embraced the disruptive protocol and led the way on global standards work with Drummond Group and with Walmart to enable AS2 use on a much grander scale.

What is AS2?

AS2 is a popular standard by which users transfer EDI or other data, such as XML or plain text documents, over the Internet. AS2, or Applicability Statement 2, offers distinct advantages over HTTP and other less advanced protocols, including increased verification and security achieved through the use of receipts, digital signatures, and file encryption.

Secure AS3 Protocol

File Transfer Protocol (FTP) is commonly used due to its ease of use and widespread adoption. However, the use of FTP in industries where sensitive data is exchanged, such as healthcare and financial was limited due to a lack of security and reliability. Even with FTPs, or FTP with Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), the protocol lacks the level of security required for these organizations.

ebMS Protocol

ebMS, or ebXML Messaging Service, is the messaging layer of the ebXML framework. ebMS specifies how messages are sent and received over the Internet, including features for security, digital signatures, non-repudiation and reliability. ebMS, like EDIINT (EDI over the Internet, AS2 and AS3), offers the advanced level of security and reliability required for organizations dealing with sensitive information.

OFTP and OFTP2 Protocols

When looking closely at some of the newest protocol advancements, it’s interesting to note that some protocols are very similar in functionality. So, why are mandates directing the use of one protocol versus another? Most of the reason comes down to the history of implementation and market use. To demonstrate this point, we’ll compare two of the more advanced protocols, AS2 and OFTP2.

Compare Protocols

Protocol flexibility becomes increasingly important as your network of trading partners and customers grows. Protocols enable file transfers by outlining a standard procedure for regulating the data exchange between businesses. Depending on your business needs and trading partner requirements, one or many protocols may be appropriate for you.

Standard Protocols

  • AS2: Applicability Statement 2
  • AS3: Applicability Statement 3
  • ebMS 2.0: ebXML Messaging Service
  • FTP/FTPs: File Transfer Protocol/Secure or FTP over SSL
  • SSH FTP: Secure Shell File Transfer Protocol (Secure FTP)
  • HTTP/HTTPs: Hypertext Transfer Protocol/Secure or HTTP over SSL
  • MLLP: Minimal Lower Layer Protocol
  • OFTP/OFTP2: Odette File Transfer Protocol/2
  • RNIF: RosettaNet Implementation Framework
  • SMTP/SMTPs: Simple Mail Transfer Protocol/Secure or SMTP over SSL
  • WS: Web Services

Proprietary Protocols

  • Cleo Jetsonic®: Cleo’s High-Speed File Transfer Solution
  • fasp™: Aspera Software’s High-Speed File Transfer Protocol
  • IBM: IBM® WebSphere® MQ

Compare Protocols

At the core of evolving protocols is the expectation for heightened security around the data being transferred.

Cleo Software Unaffected by Shellshock Vulnerability

The Shellshock bug (CVE-2014-6271) is a serious security vulnerability in Bash, a common system software component known as a shell that appears in many versions of Linux and Unix. However, no version of any Cleo software product or service (including but not limited to Cleo Unify, Cleo Trust, Cleo Harmony, Cleo VLTrader, Cleo LexiCom, and Cleo Streem) is affected by the Shellshock — aka “Bash Bug” — vulnerability. 

Is It Time to Clean Up Your IT Integration?

Picture this: An office desk inundated with stacks of miscellaneous papers, spreadsheets, and printed emails, all featuring multiple instances of handwritten comments in different-colored ink. Post-it notes with multiple log-in credentials for multiple FTP servers and online file-sharing accounts decorate the computer monitor in yellow, pink, and blue. A large white legal pad desk scrawled with an equally furious amount of notes anchors the desk, and if there’s a system to tell who got billed, who got paid, and who’s getting what products and when, it’s a confusing one.

Text Messaging is the Next Frontier in Patient Care

In any industry, implementing a system that reduces time, cost, and frustration normally associated with traditional communication methods can directly affect staff productivity.

In the healthcare industry, implementing a communication solution that removes time, cost, and frustration certainly can elevate the productivity and satisfaction of administrators, IT professionals, and medical staff.

Dave Suffecool Joins Cleo as Vice President of Solutions, North America

LOVES PARK, Illinois — Cleo, a leading provider of information integration and human engagement software solutions, announced today that Dave Suffecool has joined Cleo as vice president of solutions for North America, responsible for pre-sales and solutions to support all our sales teams in North America.

“Dave’s extensive experience in the secure data integration space makes him the ideal person to lead Cleo’s North American Solutions Organization to analyze customer business goals, initiatives, and integration needs and then match them with Cleo solutions to drive customer success,” said Mahesh Rajasekharan, Ph.D., chief executive officer of Cleo.

Cleo University Opens Doors

LOVES PARK, IL — Cleo, a leading provider of information integration and human engagement software solutions, announces the start of Cleo University, a new customer training program with classes beginning in September.

Cleo University provides training that ensures users are more knowledgeable on the features and functionality of Cleo software so they can optimize the integration solutions.

Do File Sharing Sites Provide Enough Security?

Whether you are a consumer or a business you must carefully consider what you are willing to put out in the public arena. Even if you believe your data is encrypted or protected by the provider, once it leaves your control, you have to accept the fact that you are relying on someone else to deliver the same level of care to your documents.

Cleo Announces New Customer Diagnostic Check Program

LOVES PARK, IL — Cleo, a leading provider of information integration and human engagement software solutions, announced today a new special service offering called the Cleo Diagnostic Check Program. The program offers a comprehensive look into a customer’s file transfer environment from both a system architecture view and Cleo VLTrader® and/or Cleo Harmony™ configuration view.

The 4 Real Questions To Ask When Choosing a Managed File Transfer Solution

Congratulations! You’ve built an organization that’s in demand and your business is growing. Now is the time to ensure your business is positioned for success well into the future. It’s time to ditch the patchwork, spaghetti IT infrastructure that’s bursting at the seams and implement a secure, reliable managed file transfer solution that improves business agility, enables faster partner on-boarding, better meets SLAs, and leads your organization into the future.

Introducing Cleo Trust and Cleo Unify 2.0!

We’re very excited to announce our latest product, Cleo Trust™ for secure large file attachment and email, along with our 2.0 release of Cleo Unify™ for secure file transfer.

Much to the dismay of many IT security managers, business users often decide to go rogue and turn to file sharing tools that are non-sanctioned by the company and don’t meet corporate security and compliance mandates.

MercuryGate Chooses Cleo to Power Its Online Logistics Optimization Service

LOVES PARK, IL — Cleo, a leading provider of secure multi-enterprise data integration solutions, is proud to announce MercuryGate International Inc., a North Carolina-based transportation management software company, as a Cleo customer.

MercuryGate specializes in providing an end-to-end solution for planning and executing shipments, allowing customers to manage their carriers and rates, optimize loads, ship and track those loads, and set financial goals.

Contact Cleo University

Contact Cleo University with any questions you have regarding customized Cleo software training.

Welcome to the Cleo blog; it’s one in a few hundred million

Welcome! So, we here at Cleo world headquarters want to apologize.

With more than 35 years of experience and 100,000 software installations around the world, we’ve maybe been hoarding our deep knowledge of secure data integration, file transfer, and electronic communications. Sorry about that.

But we’re turning over a new leaf!

Cleo Continues Growth, Expands Into Chicago Office

CHICAGO, IL — Cleo, a Loves Park-based leader in data integration and managed file transfer software solutions, is proud to announce the expansion of its team with the opening of a Chicago office at 8755 W. Higgins Road, Suite 325.

In the wake of several straight years of double-digit revenue growth, Cleo moved on expanding to additional offices and gaining access to new talent pools.

Cleo Recertified for AS2 by Drummond Group

LOVES PARK, IL — Cleo, a leading provider of data integration solutions, has successfully completed first quarter 2014 Drummond Group AS2 re-certification for its Cleo Harmony™, Cleo VLTrader®, and Cleo LexiCom® products.

Cleo products continue to be the only products to pass all optional certification tests for AS2 out of the 14 products from 12 global software companies that were Drummond Certified™ in this quarter’s test event.

Cleo and Adaptris Partner for Advanced Integration Enablement

LOVES PARK, IL and LONDON, England — Cleo, a leading provider of information integration solutions, and Adaptris, a global data and application integration company, announced a formal partnership, offering complementary technology products to customers who need to integrate applications and securely move and manage data in the correct format at the correct time.


Section 508 of the U.S. Rehabilitation Act of 1973, as amended, mandates that most electronic information and technology (EIT), including software applications, purchased by the Federal Government, must provide access to and use of information and data to federal government employees with disabilities, and members of the public with disabilities, that is comparable to the access provided to federal government employees without disabilities.

Cleo Unify™ and Cleo Trust™ are Not Affected by ‘Leaky URL’ Security Vulnerability

LOVES PARK, IL — A significant vulnerability was identified this month in the online file sharing platforms of Dropbox and that allow privately shared files to be read by third parties via susceptible URL links. Cleo reports that the “leaky URL” vulnerability does not affect users of the Cleo Unify and Cleo Trust secure file sharing and email collaboration platforms.


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Software and Technology

In a technology landscape that is in a state of constant evolution, increasing digital agility is a key business driver. And to be a successful provider, operational performance hinges on optimizing your ability to distribute what is both a product and a service. You need to maintain fluency in delivering uninterrupted value to your customers and facilitate the express execution on strategy across the organization.


To stay successful in the new retail reality and gain a full 360-degree customer view, you need to upgrade your integration capacity. You need to build out your systematic omnichannel data movement capacity, and effectively handle the digital and compliance challenges of expanding your business online. Cleo enterprise solutions provide you with flexible application integration, dynamic data transformation, and API connectivity to evolve your business processes from simple point-to-point transactions to panoramic multi-ecosystem communications.

Power Generation

When you need to connect thousands of assets spread over thousands of miles of geography, look to Cleo. Cleo solutions offer easy and secure exchange of critical information while enabling IT governance and compliance with standards such as NERC and CIP.

How Cleo benefits the power generation industry

High availability

Cleo solutions offer virtually 100% uptime with high availability configurations that further enable the continuous execution of your business.


The flow of goods through the air, over land and sea, and across borders requires the global coordination of business data. To realize sophisticated logistics strategies that push operational efficiency, build big data capabilities, and increase customer intimacy, you need to securely connect and integrate the full information ecosystem. Cleo’s agile integration solutions enable logistics enterprises to optimize secure internal and external business and IT connectivity, and ramp up process efficiency across the entire supply chain.


The flow of goods through the air, over land and sea, and across borders requires the global coordination of business data. To realize sophisticated logistics strategies that push operational efficiency, build big data capabilities, and increase customer intimacy, you need to securely connect and integrate the full information ecosystem. Cleo’s agile integration solutions enable logistics enterprises to optimize secure internal and external business and IT connectivity, and ramp up process efficiency across the entire supply chain.


Throughout the healthcare industry, the need for privacy, security, and data governance is dramatically increasing as government, industry, and corporate compliance mandates continue to grow. Cleo solutions help you move your data more securely and reliably so that it can be viewed by the right people who can quickly and confidently act with insight and intelligence.

Financial Services

Financial data is infused with sensitive corporate and customer information, and securely managing the reliable exchange of financial data is central to your business. Data must remain secure and related risks must be mitigated. Even the slightest breach can significantly impact your brand, your compliance record, and your ability to successfully fulfill business obligations with your partners and customers.

Cleo University

Cleo solutions help customers move data securely and efficiently with ease. Products are being enhanced continuously to include new features and functionality. Cleo University offers expert training services by providing in-depth product training. Training services are offered through the following types for classes:

  • Instructor-led at Cleo Training Facility
  • Remote
  • Onsite at customer location


Quality is determined by customers, partners, and users like you. We know quality means confidence, so you can rest assured that our products and standards have passed performance and quality assurance tests required for certification, allowing you to leverage the latest advancements in security and efficiency.

Cleo Lexicom®, Cleo VLTrader®, and Cleo Harmony® products have been Drummond Group certified for interoperability since 2002, for every release.


The Cleo Partner Program strives to help its partners grow their business, so we can expand each other’s capabilities and deliver better solutions to our joint customers. It’s a business-building program driven by your requirements.

Cleo has developed a suite of technologies focused on business-to-business collaboration and application integration that helps partners leverage and re-monetize existing business models and embrace new ones, including cloud computing.


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Who is Cleo

In today’s disruptive business climate, you need integration technology that adapts with you. You also need a partner who’ll stand behind you as the future of the cloud takes shape. That’s why there’s Cleo.

Help your business realize its full potential

Complete and flexible integration solutions

All the control and visibility you need

Master any change coming your way

Cleo understands integration technology better than anyone.



With highly scalable, customizable, and controllable technology from Cleo, enterprises gain evermore integration functions to create comprehensive apps and systems that streamline complex workflows.


Cleo automates EDI processes to connect, transform, and route EDI and non-EDI document types between any internal and business partner application — without the need for custom code.

Cleo Software Unaffected by Heartbleed Bug

The Heartbleed bug (CVE-2014-0160) is a serious security vulnerability in the well-known OpenSSL cryptographic software library. All Cleo products, including but not limited to Cleo Harmony, Cleo VLTrader, Cleo LexiCom, and Cleo Streem, use alternative implementations of the secure protocols that Cleo customers around the world use.

Cleo Teams Up with Tech Data to Bring its Secure Information Integration Solutions to More Markets

LOVES PARK, IL — Cleo, a leading provider of information integration solutions, today announced a strategic partnership with Tech Data Corporation (NASDAQ: TECD). Under the agreement, Cleo’s advanced integration technologies are available through the TDCloud business unit in the U.S.

“We are extremely excited to announce our partnership with Tech Data,” said Mahesh Rajasekharan, Ph.D., chief executive officer at Cleo.

Cleo Joins Hortonworks Technology Program

LOVES PARK, IL — Cleo, an industry leader in information integration, today announced it has joined the Hortonworks Technology Partner Program to provide secure and reliable integration solutions for clients managing big data initiatives using the power of Apache™ Hadoop®.

Palo Alto-based Hortonworks develops, distributes and supports the Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP), the only 100 percent open-source distribution of Hadoop explicitly architected, built and tested for enterprise-grade deployments.

Mainframe Middleware

Leverage mainframe and midrange data into modern applications with easy-to-use Java tools, based upon SOA. Transaction Designer and Transaction Processor make up the Cleo Transaction Processing Suite, offering increased application efficiency, enhanced application portability features, expanded system administration and the potential for reduced development and debugging time.

Transaction Processor

Transaction Processor provides access to 3270/5250 mainframe data via a TN3270 or TN5250 connection to the mainframe from a Java application, VoiceXML application, XML application, or Web Services application, and runs on a Windows operating system.

Cleo Streem®

In many organizations today, fax communications are a mission-critical part of doing business. However, poor communication between systems and people leads to unnecessary delays, inefficiencies, and low satisfaction rates, and reliance on outmoded communication methods such as traditional fax machines also yields unnecessary costs. What if you had a solution that bridged the gap between your systems and the important people in your business — your customers, team members, suppliers, partners, and more?

Cleo Trust™

With the Cleo Trust secure messaging solution, sharing files of all sizes via email with customers, prospects, business partners, and remote employees is always simple, secure, and reliable.

As any IT team can tell you, corporate email servers have their limitations. Attachments are typically restricted to no more than 10 to 20 megabytes and delivery confirmation is never guaranteed.

Cleo Unify™

Easily exchange all file types and sizes, from anywhere

When business users need to quickly share files or documents, they often turn to non-sanctioned, consumer-oriented tools that do not meet corporate security and compliance mandates. Although they are not purposely trying to go rogue or be malicious, the potential loss of financial information, HR information, intellectual property, and other sensitive data can be devastating to a company.

Cleo LexiCom®

Companies that need to move data to their trading partners want to be able to connect to all their trading partners quickly and easily and they want a solution that can handle each vendor’s individual requirements, mandates, and schedules. Cleo LexiCom is that secure file transfer client solution. With more than 800 preconfigured connections, you’ll be quickly and easily connecting with all your trading partners.

Cleo VLTrader®

The nature of digital business today means many companies have various B2B and internal file transfer processes they’re maintaining. These systems often have been piece-mealed together as new business needs arise, resulting in different user interfaces and cumbersome maintenance that can cost a company both time and money. Companies want to grow their businesses, but painfully understand how time-consuming and complicated it can be to adjust to trading partner connectivity or even bring on new trading partners.

Cleo Harmony®

Too many companies today have numerous B2B and application integration processes that need constant maintenance to run their business. With homegrown systems and cobbled-together tools, growing organizations struggle to maintain or replace inefficient technologies in order to create a flexible, secure, and reliable infrastructure that’s responsive to ever-changing IT and business requirements.

Cleo Recertified for AS3 by Drummond Group

LOVES PARK, IL — Cleo, a leading provider of information integration solutions, announced today that the Cleo Harmony™ Cleo VLTrader™, and Cleo LexiCom® products have successfully completed AS3 interoperability certification with the Drummond Group for the first quarter of 2014.

AS3 is the IETF messaging specification standard (RFC 4823) that enables software applications to systematically communicate data, including EDI, over the Internet with technologies that provide digital security and message receipt validation.

Cleo Releases New Secure File Collaboration Solution

LOVES PARK, IL — Cleo, a leading provider of information integration solutions, announced today that it has launched a new solution under the trademark, Cleo Unify™ product — a secure file sharing and collaboration solution.

The Cleo Unify solution enables employees to collaborate with internal and external business associates and exchange all types and sizes of files securely and easily.

John Thielens Joins Cleo as Vice President of Technology

LOVES PARK, IL — Cleo, a leading provider of information integration solutions, announced today that John Thielens has joined the Cleo Executive Team as Vice President of Technology.

“John is a well-known industry expert in integration technology and cloud security. He brings a strong history of solving complex problems and an exciting vision for the future of cloud technology and enterprise software integration,” said Dr.

Cleo Successfully Completes Drummond Group Interoperability Re-Certification for AS2

LOVES PARK, IL — Cleo, a leading provider of data integration solutions, has successfully completed third quarter 2013 Drummond Group AS2 re-certification for its Cleo Harmony™, Cleo VLTrader™, and Cleo LexiCom®, products.

Out of the 21 products from 14 global software companies that were Drummond Certified™ in the Drummond Group AS2‐3Q13 automated interoperability test event, Cleo products continue to be the only products to pass all optional certification tests for AS2.

Cleo Launches New Enterprise Integration Solution, Cleo Harmony™

LOVES PARK, IL — Cleo, a leading provider of data integration solutions, announced today the release of its new Cleo Harmony™ solution, Cleo’s next generation integration product for end-to-end management, control, and visibility of large, mission-critical data files — both within an organization and between enterprises. The product supports both A2A integration and B2B integration and is built to provide the governance, security, scalability, and visibility required by businesses today.

Cleo Products Complete Drummond Certification for ebMS Automated Interoperability Testing

LOVES PARK, IL — Cleo, a leading provider of data integration solutions, announced today that Cleo LexiCom® v4.5, Cleo VLTrader™ v4.5, and its newest product Cleo Harmony™ v4.5, have successfully completed Drummond certification for ebMS 2Q13 automated interoperability testing.

ebMS is an open standards protocol promoting interoperability, and is globally used in multiple industries including automotive, financial services, government, and healthcare.

Cleo to Host Rapid, Secure Connectivity for SaaS Webinar

LOVES PARK, IL — Cleo, a leading provider of data integration solutions, will host a webinar on Rapid, Secure Connectivity for SaaS. The one-hour webinar will be hosted on September 24, 2013 at 11:00 a.m. ET/8:00 a.m. PT.

Businesses who consume online technology services want to move to the cloud for many good reasons: cost savings and shorter time to revenue, shorter implementation cycles, ease of use and accessibility, and high availability.

Cleo successfully Completes Drummond Group Interoperability Re-Certification for AS2

LOVES PARK, IL — Cleo, a leading provider of data integration solutions, has successfully completed first quarter 2013 Drummond Group AS2 re-certification for its Cleo VLTrader™ and Cleo LexiCom® products. Cleo was the only vendor to pass all optional tests for AS2, including certificate exchange messaging (CEM) , file name preservation (FN), file name preservation for multiple attachments (FN-MA), file name preservation with MDN notification (FN-MDN), chunked transfer encoding (CTE), reliability, restart, and secure hashing algorithm 2 (SHA-2).

Cleo to Hold Moving Big Data in the Semiconductor Value Chain Forum

LOVES PARK, IL — Cleo, a leading provider of data integration solutions, is conducting a forum addressing the challenges of managing the exploding volume of data needed to drive the semiconductor industry value chain. Attendees will share ideas and learn from semiconductor industry and big data experts on how to securely, reliably, and efficiently exchange big data within their enterprise and along their supply chain.

Cleo to Host European Partner Summit

LOVES PARK, IL — Cleo, a leading provider of enterprise solutions for secure and managed file transfer, and network fax, will be holding a European Partner Summit in Amsterdam, June 11th and 12th, to expand their partner network and strengthen distribution and support of Cleo solutions globally.

Cleo has customers in over 78 countries worldwide with over 100,000 installations.

Cleo Successfully Completes Drummond Group Interoperability Re-Certification for AS3

LOVES PARK, IL — Cleo, a leading provider of enterprise software for secure and managed file transfer — Cleo LexiCom® and Cleo VLTrader™ — announced today the successful completion of interoperability certification by the Drummond Group.

AS3 is the IETF messaging specification standard (RFC 4823) that allows software applications to communicate data, including EDI over the Internet, using FTP which provides digital security and receipt validation.

Cleo Successfully Completes Drummond Group AS2 Re-Certification

LOVES PARK, IL — Cleo, a leading provider of best-in-class enterprise software for secure and managed file transfer solutions – Cleo LexiCom® and Cleo VLTrader™, announced today the successful completion of third quarter 2012 AS2 interoperability certification by the Drummond Group.

“Our continued support of AS2 and other market leading communication protocols is part of our commitment to provide customers an easy B2B and A2A integration experience that is protocol agnostic,” said Joe Dupree, VP Product Marketing at Cleo.

Cleo Releases v4.5

LOVES PARK, IL — Cleo, a leading provider of best-in-class enterprise software for secure and managed file transfer solutions – Cleo LexiCom® and Cleo VLTrader™, announced today the newest release of v4.5 will be available October 25, 2012, to all Cleo LexiCom® and Cleo VLTrader™ customers under current support and is built into all new sales of Cleo software.

Joe Dupree Joins Cleo as the New Vice President of Marketing

LOVES PARK, IL — Cleo, a leading provider of best-in-class enterprise software for secure and managed file transfer solutions – Cleo LexiCom® and Cleo VLTrader™, announced today that Joe Dupree joined the Cleo Executive Team as Vice President of Marketing.

“We’re excited to bring Joe onboard at Cleo.

Cleo Software is Odette Certified™ in OFTP2 Software Interoperability Test

LOVES PARK, IL — Cleo, a leading provider of best-in-class enterprise software for secure and managed file transfer solutions – Cleo LexiCom® and Cleo VLTrader™, announced today successful completion of the third quarter 2012 OFTP2 Interoperability Test run by the Organization for Data Exchange by Tele Transmission in Europe (Odette).

Cleo Software is Drummond Certified™ in the ebMS 2.0 Secure Messaging Service

LOVES PARK, IL — Cleo, a leading provider of best-in-class enterprise software for secure and managed file transfer solutions — Cleo LexiCom® and Cleo VLTrader™, announced today successful completion of the second quarter 2012 ebMS 2.0 Secure Messaging Products certified by the Drummond Group.

ebMS 2.0 products are globally utilized in multiple industries, including automotive, financial services, government and healthcare.

Cleo Named Certified Vendor of MFT Solution for DWG Certified Technology Program

DWG Taps Cleo for Its Largest Certified Technology Program with International Electronics Contract Manufacturer

LOVES PARK, IL — DWG, an Atlanta-based supply chain enablement company that works to bring trading partners together through technology, announced today that it has chosen Cleo, a leading provider of best-in-class enterprise software for secure and managed file transfer solutions – Cleo LexiCom® and Cleo VLTrader™, solutions for inclusion in its largest and most prominent Certified Technology Program (CTP).

Cleo Acquired by Globe Equity Partners

New Leadership and Influx of Capital Positions Cleo for Continued Growth in Managed File Transfer (MFT) and Enterprise Fax Sectors

LOVES PARK, IL — Cleo, a leading provider of best-in-class enterprise software for secure and managed file transfer solutions – Cleo LexiCom® and Cleo VLTrader™, announced today that it has been acquired by Globe Equity Partners, an investment firm focused on mid-market software companies serving growth industry segments.

Cleo Experiences Record Growth in Cleo VLTrader Sales in 2011

Securing the Position of a Market-Leading, Enterprise Managed File Transfer (MFT) Solution for Organizations Worldwide.

LOVES PARK, IL — Cleo, a leading provider of best-in-class enterprise software for secure and managed file transfer solutions – Cleo LexiCom® and Cleo VLTrader™, announced record-breaking sales for 2011. The fastest growing segment of Cleo’s business was in sales of Cleo VLTrader™ at nearly a 150% increase over Cleo VLTrader™ sales last year.

Cleo Software is Drummond Certified™ in AS3 Interoperability Test

LOVES PARK, IL — Cleo, a leading provider of best-in-class enterprise software for secure and managed file transfer solutions – Cleo LexiCom® and Cleo VLTrader™, announced today successful completion of the first quarter 2012 AS3 Interoperability Tests run by the Drummond Group.

“We applaud Cleo for their continued efforts in maintaining interoperable products for their customers,” says Rik Drummond, CEO of Drummond Group.

Cleo Streem Releases Cleo Streem v6.80

Providing Flexible Integration, Advanced Management Capabilities, New Content Rich Emails, Enhanced Enterprise Reporting, Improved System Efficiency and Increased Security

LOVES PARK, IL &mdsah; Cleo, a leading provider of best-in-class enterprise email-to-fax and broadcast messaging solutions — Streem Fax and Streem Notify, announced today the newest release of Cleo Streem solutions.

Cleo Releases Cleo Lexicom and Cleo VLTrader v4.4

Providing Advanced Community Management, Enhanced Compliance Capabilities, Expanded Ease of Use, Increased Security, Flexible Configuration, More Database Integration and Advanced Multiprotocol Communications

LOVES PARK, IL — Cleo, a leading provider of best-in-class enterprise software for secure and managed file transfer solutions – Cleo LexiCom® and Cleo VLTrader™, announced today the newest release for software solutions built on the Cleo platform.

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