It’s time to rethink B2B integration

Cleo Offers Unmatched EDI Software for B2B Integration

Cleo’s ecosystem approach automates EDI & API transactions end-to-end, delivers faster onboarding, and provides visibility into every integration flow – so you can proactively manage your business.

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Modernize Your Integration Platform

Cleo Integration Cloud is a modern ecosystem integration platform that solves today’s end-to-end supply chain challenges


Connect Connect & onboard trading partners

Leverage a rich library of protocols (AS/2, FTP, SFTP, and more), pre-defined trading partner profiles & templates in the Cleo Network, CIC Connectors, and CIC Accelerators to quickly onboard external connections in hours to days.

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Transform Transform and automate EDI & API transactions

Automate EDI, API, and non-EDI integrations with the industry’s most powerful any-to-any data transformation and orchestration engine.

Support mapping and conversion of virtually any file type:
•EDI X12 & EDIFACT • XML • JSON • SOAP • Flat file • CSV / Spreadsheet • iDOC and more

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Accelerate Accelerate eCommerce & marketplace integration

Grow your eCommerce, omnichannel or marketplace business with out-of-the-box CIC Connectors, CIC Accelerators, and robust APIs to quickly integrate any direct-to-consumer channel.

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Integrate Seamlessly integrate back-office systems (ERP/TMS/WMS)

Get true end-to-end back-office system integration through Cleo’s robust API framework equipped with pre-built business logic, configurations, and out-of-the-box flows for ERP, TMS, and WMS applications.

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Visibility Gain integration visibility & business insights

Gain end-to-end visibility for all EDI or API transactions between your ecosystem and internal systems through customized dashboards surfacing forward-looking intelligence, forecasting, and insights to ensure you meet every business commitment, SLA, and expectation.

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Resolution Proactively resolve issues with real-time alerting

Empower business and technical users to uncover errors before they become problems with the ability to drill-down multiple layers into any integration flow or transaction - ensuring you eliminate the risk of chargebacks or fines from missed transactions.

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See how we’ve transformed B2B integration.

Over 4,000 customers trust Cleo for their critical integrations

“With Cleo Integration Cloud we have one cloud-based platform that offers every type of transaction processing that we would need, whatever our customers are asking for. We don't have to build custom solutions or find a different tool. We’re even using Cleo for a new API-based HCM (Human Capital Management) system we’re deploying.”

Jan Arvay
Vice President of IT,
Sauder Woodworking

“Cleo never stops … It runs 24/7. I have one or two people responsible for monitoring this on a day-to-day basis and 99% of the time we are just lights-out, up-and-running. Bringing these tools in has allowed me to uncover flaws in external parties, and that was huge … we used to get blamed for things not working. But when you have proper logging and you have tools that are working and recording errors, I can actually tell you that the partner is down, not us.”

Michael Winsor
Integration Manager,
New Balance

“The Cleo Integration Cloud platform is secure, easy to use, and highly flexible to meet our business requirements ... We experienced zero problems or issues even though we implemented CIC during our peak business time, not to mention a pandemic.

John Hwee
Director of IT,
Duraflame, Inc.

Cleo is a Leader in EDI Integration on G2

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Experience the Power of Cleo Integration Cloud for Yourself

Take an interactive guided tour to see how easy it is to connect every endpoint and integrate all your end-to-end business processes – all in one place.

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Take an interactive guided tour to see how easy it is to connect every endpoint and integrate all your end-to-end business processes – all in one place.

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