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Integrate Anything.

Orchestrate and optimize end-to-end business workflows across your ecosystem of applications, customers, trading partners, marketplaces, suppliers, and internal systems with the industry's most comprehensive ecosystem integration platform: Cleo Integration Cloud.

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Ecosystem Integration. Simplified.

What’s so different about our approach to integration?

Ecosystem integration takes an “outside-in” approach to the orchestration of end-to-end integrations and workflows across your multi-enterprise ecosystem.  By combining application, B2B/EDI and data integration capabilities with intuitive operational insights into a single platform, organizations can onboard partners faster, identify business process optimizations, improve organizational agility and efficiency, and simply drive more revenue.


Cleo Integration Cloud: Ecosystem Integration Diagram
Cleo Integration Cloud

Modernize your integration platform.

Connect, integrate, and analyze every end-to-end data flow between your ecosystem and internal systems.  

Drive more revenue, accelerate application and partner onboarding, and uncover business insights in real-time.



Cleo Integration Cloud screenshot: accelerate partner and application onboarding.