With Cleo, It's Easy!

Companies need to move data both within their enterprise and beyond. They want to view data insights and act with informed decisions. Cleo makes it easy! With more than 35 years of experience and more than 100,000 proven and tested installations worldwide, Cleo offers enterprise integration software solutions that are exceptionally easy to install and use. Cleo solutions handle the most comprehensive requirements of enterprise and multi-enterprise integration and include a library of more than 800 pre-configured secure connections to speed your implementation. Cleo has solutions for enterprise data integration, enterprise managed file transfer, secure file sharing, and interactive engagement. Regardless of the size or complexity of your integration needs, Cleo has the right solution for you. For more information about Cleo, call +1.815.282.7600. Or email us at sales@cleo.com.

Certified and Recognized

Quality is determined by customers, partners, and users like you. We know quality means confidence, so you can rest assured that Cleo products and standards have not only passed performance and quality assurance tests required for certification, but our company and products have been recognized and honored with certificates and awards, including:

  • Odette certified for OFTP2 and Drummond certified for AS2, AS3, and ebMS protocols. Cleo continues to perform at an exceptional level as interoperability testing advances and remains true to the industry's current standards for secure Internet communications. ebusiness ready by ebusinessready.org (GS1 certification).
  • HP Integrity Ready partner.
  • Certified INSYNc UCCnet (GS1) partner.
  • Voted Top 20 Most Promising Logistics Solutions Providers 2013 by CIO Review.
  • Xerox Outstanding Customer First/Service Support Partner of the Year award. Cleo has received this for the past five years. Presented for excellence in customer and service support, this award recognizes the significant contribution of partners to the success of Xerox and its customers.
  • National Veteran’s Small Business Conference Certificate of Appreciation award recipient.